Church bells to draw attention to Philippines death toll | Fox News

There’s no denying this news article, and the Forbe’s one cited within, are designed to incite American (and others’) perception that the current Filipino President needs ousting. I don’t personally agree with that.

However, what caught my attention here are the two different religious leaders who are calling on the larger society to take responsibility for the times. They are modeling leadership widely absent from the American culture as Americans are facing at least 4 different fonts of war around the world (with the host of unlawful and evil activity including the enormous civilian death counts all occurring at the hands of Americans) and growing civil conflict at home.

Admittedly, most Americans are utterly confused precisely what evil is and their standard of “good” is quite seared, making it hard to decipher and discern the times.

As articulated in the two paragraphs here:

“Archbishop Socrates Villegas has ordered church bells to be rung for 15 minutes across his northern religious district each night beginning Tuesday, to rouse a citizenry that he says “has become a coward in expressing anger against evil…

Added Manila Cardinal Luis Tagle, another Catholic leader, as quoted by Ireland’s RTE: “We knock on the consciences of those who kill even the helpless, especially those who cover their faces with bonnets, to stop wasting human lives. The illegal drug problem should not be reduced to a political or criminal issue. It is a humanitarian concern that affects all of us.”

Read full article here:


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