Keep Letting All Those Lies Fuel Your Trendy Humanitarianism

In the wake of Charlottesville protests turned violent riots, the cans of “BS” are of unlimited supply to fuel the trendy angst to keep the masses focused on lies so that context and facts are avoided altogether, as well as the more urgent matters, such as looming nuclear war, the US establishing Sunni Islamic theocracies or global child sex and body part trafficking, access to quality health care for all, economic collapse and so on.

Most Americans are choosing sides, actually believing the Union was more “saintly” than the Confederacy. True, life began to change a bit for Blacks in a latter stage move by Abraham Lincoln to elevate the “slavery” issue. But that’s not the whole story. And, at least for now, most all of us are enslaved to a tyrannical few anyway, but do not realize it due to the full scale indoctrination strategy. Those tyrants would not at all mind that your falsehoods you vomit give way to a major civil war, or Marshall Law, right now either.

posted the other day an excellent article of historical facts and context, written by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, shedding light in brief on that, but I’m not holding my breath for a mass awakening to history.

Nevertheless, I find it interesting, amidst all the hypocrtical “humanitarianism” that no one is talking about the Native Americans – the very people who lost the most due to the Union, the United States and the expansion of it all over their land. Would you like to talk about their death toll and all they lost as the US progressively helped themselves to more land? 

While the Antifa and anti-white supremists are twisting the facts of a much more nuanced and complicated “Civil War” era than they will admit, complete ignorance of the Native American struggle and legitimate resistance to the Union – for they knew first hand, and for much longer than the Blacks, what Whites on the North American soil actually meant: conquest and subjugation.

With this awareness to the sobering history, numerous Native American tribes would join the ranks of the Confederacy.  Would you dare call them “white supremacists?” Some did join the Union and fight with them. But who knows what you would call the ones who joined the Confederacy?

Most Americans are calling the Sunni jihadists, whom their nation has been supporting for years, “freedom fighters,” to steal lands and carve out new territory for them, as the White Americans see fit in foreign lands. It was the attacks on September 11, 2001, by Sunni jihadists that drove Americans in the war on terror into foreign lands in the first place.

I’d like to call your attention to at least 2 flags from the Confederacy.

First, is the Choctaw Brigade Battle Flag. I’m from Texas, and it appears that a community organizer, Eric Ramsey, is hosting a anti-white supremacist rally tomorrow (Saturday) in Dallas – clearly to keep “the drive alive.” It’s something he does “professionally,” with an NGO called, In Solidarity. While I have not confirmed where he precisely traces his NGO roots to, “Solidarity” is an “organizing” label tied back to Trotsky and Lenin Marxist ideologies – quite violent activism, as in the Bolshevik revolution and the Russian Communism.

It is also appears in church or church related activism, such as with the Jesuits in North America.

Most people from North Central Texas are familiar with the Choctaw Native American tribes. They have casinos just north of Texas in Oklahoma. They provide excellent concerts and entertainment for many Americans.

Well, this image above is the flag of the 1st Choctaw Brigade that sided along and fought with the Confederacy. They did not fare too well and found themselves defeated and many were captured by the Union and then shipped north to be put on “display.”

This next flag, is of the Cherokee Braves, a mounted rifle band led by General Stand Watie, who was also Cherokee. He and his men saw a lot of success against the Union. Watie was the last Generals to step down at the end of the war and was one of two of the highest ranking Native Americans on either side of the war.

The flag is reportedly a direct adaptation of the Confederate flag. It was presented by, none other than, the well- known Freemason, Albert Pike. 

The flag still flies on display at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Center in Missouri.

I found it quite interesting that Albert Pike was tied to this aspect of the Civil War. It calls to mind the pervasive lies and “seductions” that are used to align people and the masses into certain sides to drive whole nations, or really several, into wars.

The antidote for lies is truth. Seek it and you will find it.


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