(In 2014) Ukraine’s far-right Svoboda party hold torch-lit Kiev march – BBC News. Did Anyone Tell Arnold Schwarzenegger? 

Oh, snap! It’s not fake news – it can’t be, it’s the BBC!

From 2014, in Ukraine when the white nationalist party, Svoboda, and adherents, were taking to the streets with their public protests. They turned quite violent too and over 100 people were murdered, then war broke out.

They use all sorts of Nazi symbols, along with the pictures of the faces of Austrian-Hungarian Nazis heroes from the WW2 era, like Stepan Bandera.

Even these Nazis will not just wave swastika flags around, they will permanently plaster this sign on their bodies.

Parts of the Ukrainian government and nation do not even remotely try to hide their love and admiration for Nazi heroes of old – they put up statues and memorials for them.

This Ukrainian movement is responsible for a lot of murders, rape, theft and destruction. The US and the CIA backed it all along the way.

In Ukraine, the Nazis will pull out and sport old “SS” attire to “honor” the Nazi past.
As the BBC reported in 2014:
“The marchers shouted “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Death to the enemies!” as they marched through.”

These Nazis acted on their words while weapons, training and funding were provided by the US. The death toll is beyond 3,000 and over 1 million people have been displaced.

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger chide any US President/politician for this evil? Well, Schwarzenegger is from Austria originally. He made a video calling out President Trump for the way he handled statements made in response to the violent protests in Charlottesville this past weekend.

Can you notice the hypocrisy? Should we call it “American supremism?”



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