Geopolitics And Corporate Profits Push Iraq And Syria Towards Partition | Whitney Webb, MNP News

Once again, Rex Tillerson appears to be co-opting his public office, along with any necessary American military, to push invasion and partitioning of Syrian land all for the private benefit of his former employer, Exxon.

As Whitney Webb reports,

“WASHINGTON, D.C. (Analysis) — Years before the U.S. illegally invaded and then occupied Iraq, plans were circulating within the Pentagon to partition the country along “sectarian” lines, with the express purpose of allowing the U.S. and its regional allies to better control oil resource production and movement within the Middle East.

In Syria, the same narrative of partition has more recently been circulated as the “only” solution to the nation’s sectarian divisions, divisions which did not emerge until they were artificially created in 2011 when the current conflict began and later fomented by hostile foreign actors.”

Read more about this American injustice wrought upon the people of the Middle East here:


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