Wait A Minute – What About These Nazis US Tax Payers Supported?!

Watch out for all the hypocrisy! Notice all the American religious leaders decrying the evil manifested in the far-right white nationalism movement of this past weekend seen in Charlottesville.

Yet, hardly a peep by them concerning the billions of dollars of support that went into feeding and fueling Nazi militias in Ukraine in order to purge Ukraine of people holding to Russian values and overthrow the democratically elected government.

Thousands of humans have died at the hands of these state sanctioned Nazi groups. Over a million displaced. The US has supported them for more than 3 years while the US military has been providing them training and weapons.

Take note, their god may be just as hypocritical, fashioned into their own likeness and imagination. 

If violent Nazi groups are bad for Americans, then why on earth would Nazis be good for Ukrainians?

Maybe Jesus is not to be taken seriously. Consider how many Christian leaders are not remotely taking Jesus of Nazareth seriously. Why should anyone else? 


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