CHRIS CORNELL, The Detroit News & Fabricated Suicide! | The Metal Den

Once again, another law enforcement agency in the US, the Detroit Police Department, is serving private interests, not the public, and is buried in scandal, as is evident in their horrible investigative work and official position concerning the death of rock music singer, Chris Cornell.

Glaring forensic evidence points to a murder, not suicide. Detroit area corporate media is refusing to present these facts and, along with the Detroit Police, dismisses a lot.

I am continuing to look at the reports on the Chester Bennington death. While I have not reached a conclusion on this matter because I do not know enough yet, I suspect the his death is related to the murder of Chris Cornell. I have long been a fan of rock and metal music.

For those that follow me, I have a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Texas A&M – Commerce. When I was in school during the early 1990’s, many people who were pursuing the Criminal Justice degree would actually transfer into Sociology in order to avoid the rigorous Forensic Science coursework – it is essentially Chemistry. To be sure, Forensics entails more than Chemistry, but it is a science rooted in observable patterns revealing knowledge.

I aced it.

Nevertheless, the general public is increasingly vulnerable to abuse and manipulation due to the corruption levels we have in American society – in media, government and law enforcement and so on.

This means personal responsibility must become a reality for all, that is, if you don’t want these agencies to continue manipulating and abusing you while they cover for criminals.

Please read this helpful report in order to discover more on the murder of Chris Cornell from Randy “Rocket” Cody:


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