As Most Americans Roll Their Eyes…

During the past year, I’ve been quite vocal about what we are facing: nuclear war. I actually began speaking out to my friends about the real intensified likelihood of nuclear war as far back as January 2016.

It’s been interesting to see how humans respond. Most Americans, roll their eyes, or their eyes gloss over, believe it is preposterous, or do not make a response to this sort of reality at all. Within the last few months, I’ve noticed some people become more sober concerning our times and the growing threat of nuclear war, along with other great evils.

Caitlin Johnstone blogs daily on, I highly recommend you get a dose of her to see whether or not you are a courageous human being or if you’re one of those playing delusional psychopathic mind games in order to sooth yourself into believing this nuclear threat does not exist and needs none of your attention.

And for those who love the US military above all other things in life, your armies are not going to mean much in the face of nuclear war, so this is worth your consideration. The US military personnel should have curtailed our current scenario long ago. Blood thirsty humans, not freedom loving , Constitution abiding ones are calling the shots or at least murdering or buying off everyone standing in the way of their goals.

Johnstone correctly observes:

“This is a serious question, and I think it deserves a serious answer from everyone with access to information about the reality of what’s happening here.

Will we allow this march toward direct military conflict between two nuclear superpowers to continue? Are we not capable of stopping it? Are we quite sure we’re not far more capable of bringing this death march to a halt than we are perhaps giving ourselves credit for? Have we tried everything? If you look out the window next year and see a mushroom cloud growing on the horizon, will you be able to turn to your loved ones with tears in your eyes and honestly tell them that you did all you could?

I’m sorry I have to put so fine a point on it, but this is important. I don’t want to victim-blame by shifting responsibility for the manipulations of a few billionaires and their Capitol Hill lackeys, but these new cold war escalations are without question the single most dangerous thing happening in the world today, and they must be stopped. The risk of every organism on earth being killed has now been needlessly escalated, and it is very possible that everything depends upon our bringing that risk down.”

Read more from Caitlin Johnstone here:

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