The Ideological Danger Of Evangelicals

I’m going to blog more on the ideological danger of Evangelical Christians over the next several posts in the week ahead.

For the most part, this false Christian movement has become an instrument and voice of the state in America, the most powerful nation on earth ever known to humanity.

I was surprised to read the following editorial written by Dr. Mark Hamilton, Professor of Old Testament, of Abilene Christian University, in the Dallas Morning News, a Belo Corporation newspaper.

If you’re Evangelical, it’s worth your time and will challenge your assumptions that if you’re cheering for the state, if it is against God, you may actually be opposed to God.

How often has that happened with the “covenant” people of God throughout biblical history?

Dr. Hamilton says the following which sheds light on a key vulnerability for Evangelicals of our times:

“I have been thinking lately about all those Europeans who had to reckon with their own complicity with fascism and hyper-nationalism in its various forms. Were they different from us, less enlightened, more blind to what was slowly unfolding around them? Maybe not, for the monstrosities of the 1940s grew slowly, as the powerful gradually stigmatized the “other” until their humanity vanished beneath the reckless appeals to renewed greatness and venting of age-old fears. Truths and lies became entangled in the ceaseless propaganda. The European church has still not recovered.”
Read more of his assessment and wisdom at:


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