The Satanic Occultic Order Of Things

When I worked at Highland Park Presbyterian Church, I ran into several members who were a part of the Satanic order of Freemasonry. One member, when a newly formed newsletter was created, was featured in the cover story of the first published issue. He insisted his Freemasonry be highlighted among many other of his life accomplishments. He was one of the oldest members at the time, so it appeared.

I was quite adamant with the otherwise flippant staff involved at the time of the un-Christlike nature for a Church of Jesus Christ to publish such a thing, promoting and esteeming The Lodge, especially when they can easily self promote this anti-Christ order anytime they want everywhere else.

The church/denomination is still filled with Freemasons hard at work promoting divisions and a dialectic to keep people in opposition with themselves and advancing their own agenda. Most staff and Pastors, at least the ones not involved with Freemasonry are quite oblivious and, therefore, serve as pawns or “useful” idiots.

This wealthy, influential church serves as an appropriate microcosmic illustration as to what actually takes place in Washington DC and the nation, where people join together in what they believe is a cause united in accomplishing goodness and justice and debating about the “pros” and “cons” of how to do it all better.

Just about every church in North America that is institutionalized, particularly among Baptists, Episcopal, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist and so on are filled with and overrun with Freemasonry. In Dallas, for example, you can often find churches built with Freemasonry symbolism throughout or there may even be a plaque placed somewhere stating that the church was built by the Freemasons.

Former Satanic Priest, Mark Passio, who is well acquainted with the “occultic” order of things including Freemasonry (occult actually means “to hide knowledge.”) says this:


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