The Jihadist Blueprint For Upheaval And Societal Change: Target Israel and Europe

The multi-decade long strategy of the CIA and US Military to recruit, train, weaponize and utilize “radical militants” and “swarming mobs of adolsents” as described by the RAND Corporation with US taxpayer money (in partnership with the Federal Reserve) and at the cost of lives of many undiscerning US military personnel over that time, is in full force today and even within Israel.

This should be quite disturbing to most, for if the Supreme Court and/or activists have trouble with “radical” Christianity that wants to pray in schools, what does it mean when US military and intelligence agencies fuse their goals with and weaponize Islamic jihad, where people must convert or die and be tortured, persecuted, imprisoned or killed in the process of that decision?

The CIA and US military have funded and partnered with Islamic jihad in numerous places but glaringly in Syria. Furthermore, this partnership has contributed significantly to the immigration- refugee concern in Europe – leading to a spike in sexual assaults primarily by Sunni Muslims upon certain European females.

But as is the case of our times, most are comfortably numb with indifference.

The CIA, British Intelligence, US military, Israeli intelligence, Israeli military have all thought it is worthwhile to indulge into this unlikely marriage with Sunni Islamic jihadists, and its “hornet’s nest,” Saudi Arabia, a long declared Sunni Islamic state, to advance their agenda of regional supremacy in the Middle East while trying to unseat Syria’s tolerant and pluralistic President, Bashar Al Assad. Hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered and millions have been made homeless.

Syria was never a civil war conflict as is often reported in Western media. It was an internationally driven war where the above mentioned nations all partnered together with Saudi Arabia and another Sunni Islamic totalitarian dictatorship, Qatar, and I should mention Turkey and Jordan and still others as well – Sunni states, that is.

We can no longer look back on Europeans or Germans with judgement or shock for refusing to resist or confront the evils of Nazi  Germany back in the 1920’s or 30’s, or even the 40’s.

We have grave evil that has been taking place in order to wipe out millions upon millions of people since WW2, implementing essentially the same blueprint over and over. Yet, predominately, most people in America (or Europe) are simply silent, or supportive of what their governments have been doing through foreign policy actions. Furthermore, these wicked schemes may very well lead to a nuclear conflict in the very near future.

For nearly the entire duration of the 21st Century, this policy blueprint has primarily been expressed through the recruitment and weaponization of ideologues grounded in and motivated in Islam.

Before I get into what is taking place within Israel, let me just clarify briefly about the significance and role of Islam in this blueprint methodology.

First, there are many Westerners who admit they are not religious and claim that “Islam” is not true “Islam” as seen in the Western backed jihadists. There are also many Muslims who claim the same thing.

“Islam” means “submission.” It does not directly mean, “peace,” as often purported. It can mean peace from the Islamic-Muslim framework: “peace through submission,” the idea is that if one arrives at “submission to the Prophet, Mohammad, they’ll arrive at submission to God, and submission to God is, therefore, ‘peace.'”

“Muslim,” actually means “one who submits.”

Together, “Islam,” and “Muslim,” beg the questions always: to a 21st Century Westerner? Would they know the will of Allah according to the founding prophet Mohammad? Would the head of the Catholic Church, The Pope? Would a 21st Century US President? How about the Quran? The Sira? The Hadith?

The Quran, Sira, and Hadith are the authoritative documents of the religion founded by Mohammad.

Furthermore, over 90 times, the Quran says, Mohammad is the perfect example for a Muslim, both the Medina, the peaceful years beginning  in 622 (which did not last but a couple of years ending in 624 when Mohammad led a raid on Meccan merchants in Badr), and the Mecca years, the violent years (about 8 years), until the end of his life.

All of this said, Islam, like Christianity, is “evangelistic” in nature. This means proselytizing is valued and used to spread the religion. Within Islam, this means that the entire world was once all Islamic and that Muslims are to “submit” to Allah in reclaiming the entire world back for Islam. It is not just a personal or regional goal.

True, there are many who claim to be Muslim, but they actually reject or utterly re-interpret these aspects of Islam to make it more palatable to themselves, or their neighbors! 

Secular Westerners, who have a general disdain for religion, in the first place, especially one that claims divine revelation, would have no problem with Muslims who re-interpret an “immutable” authoritative document for a religion. It keeps that religion “tame” and demonstrates human undermining of something like a religion claiming to be authoritative in the first place. These secularlists, call it “humanitarian,” “respect,” or “tolerance.”

As a result, secularists like these, contribute to mass confusion concerning truth. Along these same lines concerning Islamic re-interpretation by Muslims, they are really just “submitted” to themselves. Perhaps, to justify a more liberal lifestyle, a closer cousin to 21st Century Westernism, while holding to the title “Muslim.”

You see, in Islam, there are apostasy laws which could lead to death if you claim you no longer want to be “Muslim.” If you, “re-interpret” it a tad, however, or generously, if you’re so inclined, then you keep the “Muslim” branding and most likely your life! I’m not exaggerating this phenomenon either.

Israeli-Jewish activist and community organizer, David Bedien, says of Muslim Palestinian murderers and how the Islamic Palestinian Authority leadership and community views these (Muslim jihadist) people, “assailiants are viewed as martyrs, heroes, people to be respected and people to be loved. Adolf Hitler never awarded or praised those who killed Jews. It just happened. He didn’t say publicly that he approved it.”

Apart from the fact that this quote opens up a can of worms related to WW2 and the nature and scope of what is otherwise widely reported of the Jewish Holocaust, it is nonetheless a helpful piece of information allowing us to see the Jewish hypocrisy held widely: how can one partner and weaponize Islamic jihadist ideology so that it is imposed upon entire nations in one context while fearing it and bemoaning it in another? 

If Sunni imposed and weaponized Islamic jihad is not good for you then how on earth is it good for anyone else, like Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Libyans and so on?

In light of the September 11, 2001 Sunni Islamic attacks upon America, which killed 3,000 people (15 of the 19 Sunni jihadists that day were from Saudi Arabia), Americans and especially intelligence and military personnel need to ask themselves that same question.

Back to the David Bedien quote and interview. If you listen closely, you’ll notice that he describes the nature of the “swarming mobs of adolescents” model by RAND I mentioned earlier as it relates to the spread of Islamic ideology through US funded via UN funded anti-Israel/pro-jihad schools and educational programs, not just in Israel, but all through Europe – think about that in light of the surge of Sunni Muslim refugees stemming from US initiated Middle East wars! 

Bedien says, “It’s not a hatred of democracy, it’s a war on the West. They’re trying  to reverse history through low intensity conflict…(which) has an effect; a cumulative effect. Slow, like Chinese torture.”

This societal change for pro-jihadism programme has been on a steady course for a couple of decades and has been well documented by Bat Ye’or, who has been widely ignored.

Ms. Yeor, a Jewish Egyptian, knows first hand what life is like when Islam sweeps your neighborhood and nation, becoming a “slave” (“dhimmi”) in Islam when it seized control of the nation when she was in her twenties.

You can watch an extensive talk on the Arab-European agenda for a greater Islamic Europe and Northern Africa by her here:

Wouldn’t it be nice if Americans had an awakening? 


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