It’s No Mere “Refugee” Migration Problem In Europe, It’s Seasoned With Some Weaponized Jihad

Yesterday, I posted about a nefarious blueprint model from RAND Corporations own playbook to utilize “swarming mobs of adolescents,” to incite social change and that “someone” has now set a target of this blueprint upon Israel and Europe as a part of a war that is unleashed upon the West. 

While it’s been used for many consecutive decades and in other contexts, it has been the primary model used in the Middle East against Middle East rulers through exploiting dedicated Sunni Islamic jihadists from all over the world by the US and British intelligence agencies and their partners and allies such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Even Muammar Gaddafi (a Muslim) warned before he was deposed and killed that if he was removed from office that the flood gates of Muslims would open wide towards Europe. Perhaps in “normal” circumstances that would not necessarily have been a “negative” situation. 

But we are not talking about “normal.” We are talking about a “new normal” because the following phenomenon has been underway for consecutive decades: the US and British military branches have been training and weaponizing Sunni Islamic jihadists. And even though John McCain knows them “intimately,” he could die of a lethal brain tumor any moment.

Now, if you recall the history of this weaponizing of Sunni jihadists, a key criticism by leaders, oh say, like the Sunni Islamic theocratic King of Jordan (who seems a bit more mild mannered, and whose Western educated), who might be quite more familiar with the possibilities and dangers inherent within the scope of Islam, than say of a red, white and blue American such as John McCaim, was critical of the lack of discretion and discernment for the Western allied approach to weaponizing jihadists. These so-called “moderates” or “freedom fighters” kept on joining ISIS and or al Qaeda and their affiliates. Their US/Western supplied military hardware would also make their way to “the other team” also.

King Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein on his official King of Jordan website released the following statement from an interview he did several years ago with 60 Minutes back on September 21, 2014, with my parenthetical edits supplied:

“They (ISIS) could have been prevented if the international community (Supreme Military Council and US leaders such as John McCain/Lindsey Graham ‘who know those guys intimately’ and funded rebel FSA) worked harder together to make sure that funding and support to the original (rebel FSA) groups in Syria were, (pause) were not allowed to get to the extent that they were…I think we (the Sumpreme Military Council which included US leader voices like John McCain/L. Graham) could have done a better job that earlier on, um, if it was identified who the bad people were and action was taken by the international community (Supreme Military Council) taken not to allow that to happen.”

Read more about that here:

Well, this did not really “disturb” a whole lot of people, particularly Americans. The Hill wrote a report on this matter and FOX’s Sean Hannity did try to confront Senator John McCain on it but McCain went into an emotional tirade instead of providing or allowing an explanation rooted in sanity or legal code for the practice.

You can see a brief clip of McCain’s response from that interview here:

American media, power and the growing American consensus seemed to believe that removing a more secular learning and pluralistic Islamic dictator, who has won the vast majority of popularity among his people in Syria including Sunni and non-Sunnis like Christians, was more important and “humane.”

So now we have all those decades of weaponizing and training swaths of Sunni jihadists over the decades (is that number somewhere up in the hundreds of thousands range?) who are now a part of the the millions migrating out of the Middle East and into Europe and elsewhere! 

See now, the following article that struck my attention from Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s website:

Pay close attention to the following paragraphs:
“The US has always welcomed immigrants, most of whom came to her shores via Ellis Island and went through a legal process for entry, led by the light of the torch of Lady Liberty. In recent years, especially since the advent of increased terrorism, the subject of illegal immigrants, migrant workers and the vetting of immigrants has become hotly debated.

By contrast, in Europe, the topic of “illegal” migrants is effectively forbidden. The continent has recently been invaded by millions of migrants — many apparently arriving under the false pretense of being refugees, even according to the United Nations.

One of the reasons is the open-door policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who allowed over a million mostly Muslim migrants to enter Germany, not only without extreme vetting, but with no vetting at all.

There is, however, another, more structural cause for the current situation. In 2012, the ECHR enacted the so-called “HIRSI” ruling, named after the court case of Hirsi Jamaa and Others v. Italy, which states that the European states have the legal obligation to rescue migrants wherever they find them in the Mediterranean Sea — even just 200 meters away from the Libyan coast — and ferry them to the European shores, so that these people can claim the status of refugee.”

Social change is not necessarily bad if it’s of the people, for and by the people. But do not be deluded, this is all happening from a select few extremely powerful people and the powerful governments with whom they collaborate to help them realize a totalitarian new world order.


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