How Are Freemasonry, The Illuminati, Christianity & Judaism All Linking Together?

If you want to begin exploring the link of major world religions of our times, begin with this excellent 15 minute documentary.

Freemasonry is an occultic Satanic order. Darkness has long used “light” to mislead and deceive. The link of all these religions goes beyond just the ones posted in the title above. It includes Islam and Hinduism.

The Kaaba (Arabic for “Black Box”) predates Islam and has many more years involving Saturn worship than Mohammad’s Allah.

Hinduism has grown to love the color orange because that’s the prime color for Freemasonry – it’s the only color that falls on “33” for their beloved Pythagorean numerology.

Even the newest city of the 21st Century of the Eastern side of the world, Astana, is all about Freemasonry – tied deeply into Saturn worship and mythology.

This religious movement is not compartmentalized into its neatly contained corridor of privacy though it thrives in secrecy. 

The word “occult” combines two different Latin words which actually means, “to hide knowledge.” If they were candid about what they were doing, the masses would not tolerate their goals. They own many of the governments and religious institutions of the world already, along with educational institutions such as most of America’s universities. They control most of the controversies we see in our cultures too. They work hard at burying the rest to keep them “hidden.”

The global population has been, and still is being, progressively groomed and conditioned for the full onslaught of their religious grip on the entire world.

They are continuously presenting themselves to you while your “eyes are wide shut” watching television programs like The Simpson’s, The Olympics, or even the Super Bowl – things that you would presume to be quite religiously benign or at least neutral.

To be sure, American and Western science is really about alchemy now, has been for many decades, the “secular” approach to knowledge is their contrived controversy to keep you distracted and ignorant. NASA, coincidently means “to deceive,” in Hebrew and really is about Saturn more than the universe or the earth and this “space” research agency is working in an alchemical way to drive you to Saturn allegiance. CERN is doing its part too.

Even commercialism and corporatism are incorporating Saturn image symbolism more and more each day as a normal operating expression of marketing.

Freemasonry is everywhere helping to make it all happen. I thought you should know.

Well, here’s the video:


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