The 241st July 4th of American Independence: It’s Now Codependency 

On this 241st annual celebration of the US independence from Great Britain, there are actually significant things to grieve, if you’re talking about the life span of the American nation. It’s like watching a loved one die of a horrible disease celebrate what could be their last birthday.  Maybe even like watching a heroine addict – someone who has seemingly transformed into a nearly unrecognizable person and so tuned out of reality that self destruction is imminent.

You’re not quite sure celebration is in order because the misery and suffering will be extended with each new passing day or year. 

If you are thoughtful and empathetic, you will not attempt to “individualize” this collective public “holiday” for yourself or your own little pow-wow group or special interest cause as has become so common place. Narcissism, or codependency of any form, does not make for a “good” nation, a “good” leader for equality among as humanity, liberty and justice for all, much less, a “good” national holiday. It is by definition, collective.

In the context of European, British and American history, coupled with British and American law (and the Magna Carta) because context is everything), the American Declaration was “unleashed” to provide a new direction and course for people living under the ever tightening grip of tyrannical King George who was accustomed to waging wars on multiple fronts while ignoring laws and manipulating governing procedures to advance his own agenda above all others.

The 13 different colonies, at least far better than King George, knew there was a better way for them and humanity – their “collective” priority and responsibility cannot be dismissed. They knew that a few people in power can cause an immense amount of human suffering which humans have a historical record of enduring. They knew humans can “rob” people of peace, life, and happiness.

This is why the US Constitution was framed in the way it was and in the order it is. It’s a document to limit or restrain power – particularly government power, namely, tyrannical power. It is a legal document designed to critique, challenge and check power.

When we consider the 21st Century alone and the constant centralization and growth of our own government and its ability to ignore much of the foundational American law along with the numerous wars fought in the name of “freedom,” “protection,” “democracy,” or “interests,” – many of the targeted nations are left as disaster zones, often ruled by many “little” tyrants now, and in the case of Syria, the overt attempt to overthrow a tolerant, pluralistic government in order to install a version of the religion known as Sunni Islam where its perfectly in line with the will of their God and holy books to kill people who decide they no longer want to be “Muslim.” It’s the enforcement of apostacy laws.

Read just the first amendment of the constitution and think about how hypocritical it is for Americans to participate in such an endeavor, especially while so many humans have died in this process.

But like many religious traditions, people will go through the motions of “celebrating” because of a cancerous ideology, or because it is what they have always done, or some of both.

How can we celebrate “freedom” and “independence” from imperial tyranny when we have become what our forefathers revolted against – a national power exporting wars and tyranny across the globe, even determining what religion is best for certain people and nations?

Different from imperial England of old, our global reach has stretched further in conjunction with England. And as there were 13 colonies, comprised of 2 million people or so, who finally united, declared “independence” from the hegomonic force of the British crown, there a growing number of nations with more than a billion people combined, while holding nuclear armed missiles, declaring through their leaders they no longer want a world or their nations dominated by this global American hegemon.

We may not fully feel this tyranny, due to our facade of democracy or representative republic, if you prefer, of the unprecedented ability of the powers, which we support and perhaps even cheer, to send constant barrage of imagery and messaging to shape our thoughts, along with incomprehensible degrees of consumerism driven by corporatism, so that we take on a docile and agreeable disposition to this power, which has infected every aspect of American society.

Add to this, the New World Order advocates have long been planning and seeking an opportunistic moment to install their goals. Perhaps, this means a global constitution to rule and enforce over billions of people because there are enough nations willing to value it now over the “way of the jungle” where personalities, not legal code, rules supreme.

John Steppling offers further clarity of our situation. As he says while quoting several influential Americans making psychopathic or horrible comments about mass groups of people throughout the article (who happen to be “heroic” to many) to put things in perspective:

“One can find, without much effort, a laundry list of callous and sadistic comments and opinions from politicians in the U.S. and U.K. today. Opinions, though, that are ratified by many in society. The people who have voted for one or another of these ghouls.”

I hope you will the rest of Mr. Steppling’s article here:


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