“Truth Saves Us From…”

A recent post from my Facebook that I wanted to be sure to post here on WordPress. I highly recommend following Hiroyuki Hamada for his thought provoking analysis.

Want to begin seeing life with clarity? Look to the artists, many times they are the prophets.

While Hiroyuki Hamada is, himself, an artist, he provides here an astute, sharp grasp and summary of our current culture, what is propagating and reinforcing it. Hamada even exposes what is happening to art, becoming a mechanism of “self help therapy,” (see John Steppling quote) not one of providing sight or providing a path of escape to our ugly, dark world.

I am no artist, but I see the parallels which exist statistically and existentially encountering this same phenomenon in American branded Christianity. Perhaps you should look up the term, “moral therapeutic deism.”

Evangelicalism has become a chief propagator of this movement because it “sells” and fills the church pews, while it constantly repositions itself to become a top mystifying agent, in blind submission, honoring the violence (militarism) of the most powerful nation on earth ever.

I could cite here numerous examples but suffice it to point out, Jesus of Nazareth’s (the founder of Christianity who said his kingdom is not of this world in the first place) own words: “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

These are not words Jesus intended to use to honor or justify soldiers killing or “sacrificially” killing at all for the Empire or any other nation. They were words to specifically speak of him – he would die while not harming, or killing, another single person. He would lay down his own life without one an assortment of weaponry, shield or other instrument to kill or destroy another’s life. There is ZERO parallel between Jesus and what soldiers do in this regard.

For those who may not know, the Greek word for “church” is “ekklesia,” meaning “called out ones.” This is way way of “escape” Jesus had in mind all along. Yet, it’s become something entirely different.

Here is what Hiroyuki points out before posting a quote from John Steppling then an article by Jordan Peterson :


Jordan Peterson: Say what you think


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