Belgium Priest Living In Syria Since 2016 Says…

The following interview is between Bahar Azizi & Fr. Daniel Maes, who is from Belgium and has been living in Syria since 2010.

This/his narrative is widely omitted from American corporate media and Christian outlets such as Christianity Today who profit from perpetuating lies and human bloodshed for the United States government and military.

Fr. Maes characterized Syria as a harmonious society and explains that no civil uprising took place in Syria:

“As soon as the lies started pouring in, I started my fight against those lies with the truth. One journalist claimed that when he was in Syria, he “asked for bread, but received bullets instead” – as if to prove that there was a civil uprising. Let me tell you, when I was in Syria before the war, 10 loaves cost 10 cents – a tenth of a euro. What nonsense this journalist was spouting. That has been my battle; against those lies. The West was trying to ‘find’ any reason to murder that country. 

On a Friday evening we went to the priest in Qara. We would occasionally go out here and there to Christian families to pray for those who were ill. At some point we went to the presbytery to get food, we were walking, and on the street there was the main mosque, where we saw a group of young people.

They were screaming, yelling and held anti-Assad and anti-Syria banners. The priest told us later on that they were not Syrians. They came from abroad. They were filming their ‘demonstration’ and were paid generously by Al Jazeera (Sunni Qatari owned) for that. That was the so-called civil uprising. Thankfully, that was still at the very beginning, otherwise we would not be alive today. It was a very unpleasant feeling as we walked by those people to go to the presbytery.”

Please read the full interview here:

Read here for further background:

An August 27, 2012 oped about Syria by Fr. Maes,

Fr. Maes conversion story to life in the Holy Spirit and monastic living,

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