Are Pakistan’s ISI and Saudi Arabia really ISIS?

Pakistani intelligence agency logo – spooky satanic occult symbolism. That crescent moon is Saturn mythology with 3 different celestial bodies, not two (for the untrained eye).

Their name, ISI – inter services intelligence. Add an ‘S’ to the end of that due to their close partnership with Saudi Arabia and you could get, ‘ISIS.’

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are all aligned theologically so it’s not a stretch at all.

I wonder what US companies have been covertly producing weapons in Pakistan. The “war on terrorism” has at least been instrumental in propelling the thirst of the world into a new world order based upon international law.

Seems like Astana, within a predominately Muslim nation, continues to factor into setting the stage for this new order more and more. A new “Brussels” of sorts to provide “solutions” to the most “complex” human challenges.

Astana, itself (like Cathloicsm, Washington DC, Islam, Kabbalism, and Freemasonry) draws heavily from Saturn mythology imagery and symbolism of the Golden Age of humanity. This movement will ultimately claim to know, be the gatekeepers of this “special” knowledge and “officially” represent the true God of humanity, yet, will slaughter many people and nations that refuse to submit to it.

The movement will promise prosperity, peace and security but it will not be true and will require tons of human blood sacrifice through various rituals and war.

ISIS, and their sponsors, has been showing us just how dedicated humans can be to this movement of madness. At the same time, much of the rest of humanity has been demonstrating just how indifferent they are to this evil unleashed upon species of their own flesh and blood.

Don’t confuse the thirst for international law and order with a thirst for righteousness.


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