The Pakistani Couple Who Left Islam and Islamic Society

One would think Western nations, their institutions (government, schools, media, religions, think tanks and so on) would be at least greater facilitators for offering the voice of the rogue minority coming out of the huge religion of 1. 4 billion or so people.

Yet, the prevailing stance of Western society is that of advocacy and apology (defense) for Islam. 

Dissenting type of voices of Islam normally do not make it to Western shores. Why would this be? The people behind these voices often face Dhimmi status (Islamic endorsed slavery), apostasy punishment (which can mean death), and numerous other culturally inflicted hardships.

The single most critical of Islam US Presidential candidate of the 2016, Donald Trump, and of the nation which gave birth to the ideology known as Islam, Saudi Arabia (a self proclaimed Sunni Islamic state and theocracy), has become one of its strongest and advocates. He recently announced a record military arms and economic package approaching half a trillion dollars in worth.

He is also, as Commander in Chief, of the US military, continuing and escalating war in Syria where the US has long funded and trained Sunni Islamic jihadists (often referred to as “rebels” or “moderates”) to overthrow the Syrian President who is known throughout the world (except the West) as a diversity valuing ruler of Syrian society.

President Trump’s daughter is also the recent recipient of Saudi Arabian, along with the UAE, “generosity” by awarding her foundation $100 million.

Saudi Arabia has never offered a recantation of Islamic beliefs and it is still illegal for women to even drive there. Plus, if you are gay in Saudi Arabia, you could be killed by the government or members of society in the name of the religion of Islam.

If you know your history, you’ll know that Pakistan is an extension of Saudi Arabia and serves to perpetuate Saudi Arabian Islamic ideology throughout southeast Asia, India and the rest of the world.

Read the following article by Pakistani immigrants, Sami Shah and Ishma Alvi. They both grew up in Islam in Pakistan.

Among the top statements in this article that stick out in my mind which are often missed or ignored by Westerners entirely:

“The couple also explained the reasons for their transition (out of Islam) by citing passages from the Quran, which Mr Shah has described as ‘maddening as a text’.”

“In the piece published in The Weekend Australian, Mr Shah said for Muslims to turn their backs on Islam, the controversial move can be punishable by death but he was happy to now be living openly as an atheist.”

“Ms Alvi, a psychologist, said she believed Islam was not female-positive, a notion she first came to when she was aged 17.”

Westerners must ask: who is truly benefiting from all the Islamic advocacy in our culture, and why?

America did not become the nation that it did, and, therefore, the leader of the Western world due to the simple thirst for a better life – the original immigrants were not simply fleeing oppressive European theocracies, they sought freedom from state sanctioned and imposed religion. This is why the First Amendment of the US Constitution is the first amendment (government shall not establish religion along with freedom of press/speech)!

Western society (and their institutions) should be the one safe place in the world to criticize any religion and support any who leave it.


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