Trump Has Higher Value For Islam Than Obama

Spending money is expressing value – especially when you are talking about billions of dollars, mobilizing armies and an overt written statement as seen on CIA released documents confirming the values. The utter joke of a new direction for the US under a new President is beyond sad.

Trump may hate Iran, but that does not mean he does not value Islam.

Maybe America should open their eyes. Shame on Israel for supporting this every step of the way. Their cries about Islamic terror over the decades is clearly a sham. I wonder what else is? Their hunger for righteousness and concern for human souls like Abraham?

You cannot serve the God of Abraham and money at the same time. I cannot believe so many people act like God simply ignores all of this.

What is your impression of Islam? To whom or what do you turn to for your knowledge about this religion? How does your knowledge of this religion impact your opinion about what the US government is doing with the religion? 

Well, many people have their differing opinions, but this 1,400 year-old religion, begun by its founding Prophet, Mohammad, is the key source to all things Islam. The primary source documents of Islam arrived on scene nearly 200 hundred years after his life. Those authoritative source documents are the Quran, the Sira (The Life of Mohammad) , and Hadith.

Have you read any or all of those? 

Why is this important today? Islam, like Chistianity, is a religion that uses “evangelism” to expand the religion. It proselytizes, a normal activity in religion.

Furthermore, “Islam” means “submission,” and “Muslim” means “one who submits.” Together, these two terms beg the following questions always in order to “submit” to and follow the will of God: To whom or what am I submitted as a Muslim? The Pope? The US President? A 21st Century Westerner? A Christian? A Jew? A Russian? The Buddha? Or, how about the founding Prophet, Mohammad? The Quran? Sharia Law?

Islam is so clarifying about who a Muslim is to submit to and follow that the Quran itself, over 90 times, says Mohammad is Islam’s perfect example. That would include the whole Quran, both the Medina and the Mecca Mohammad. Both the peaceful and violent Mohammad. The political and religious order are Islam. To remove either is a reinvention  of the 1,400 year old religion.

So keep this in mind.

For several decades, the US government has worked hand in hand with Sunni Islamic jihadists and states to build militants. Formerly in Afghanistan to draw the Soviets into war, and most recently in Iraq, Libya and Syria to destabilize nations and depose leaders.

Imagine if I worked for the US government. Let’s say as a top foreign intelligence manager. Let’s say that we worked hard at replacing entire governments, spent a lot of money doing so, killing hundreds of thousands of people along the way, set up boy choirs to sing praises to Jesus encircled around execution ceremonies of prisoners and those who refuse to convert, and then I directed all US government money and resources at establishing Christianity because the US government determined the region or nation would be best served by this religion and monotheistic order.

Would you stand for that? Do you think our Western culture would? How often do you hear “the Crusades” come up when our culture is criticising Islam for jihadist violence?

Well that is precisely what is happening today with the US government and Islam. 

You can look up this CIA document from the 1980s (see page 4 in the body – middle paragraph) if you want to know.

Syria: Scenarios of Dramatic Political Change

As Trump has now come to power in the US, despite having campaigned on heightened criticism of jihadist terrorism and state sponsors of it, including Saudi Arabia, he has not only continued the foreign policy agenda of President Obama, he has unleashed an intensification of it with the affirmation of a record weapons and economic package with the Sunni Islamic State of Saudi Arabia, a long term financier of ISIS and al Qaeda, he is also getting to unleash a record number of US troops in Syria to attack the religiously tolerant President Assad.

Furthermore, in recent days, as the US prepares to attack Iran, Trump has appointed a man who converted to Islam to help establish long held CIA goals of creating an Islam in the Middle East region.

I present to you, “the dark prince,” (that’s who, among other things, he’s referred to as), Michael D’Andrea:

But we were all supposed to be mentally conditioned for this:


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