“They Call Me A Terrorist, I Say It Is An Honor…” So Goes Their Song

In a mind boggling twist of the Donald Trump Presidency, less than 6 months “in,” the compromises on his campaign “promises” are not only stark, they are deadly. 

President Trump, among other things, campaigned with great skepticism about Islam and, specifically, the Sunni Islamic State of Saudi Arabia and their alleged involvement of the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. Fifteen of the alleged 19 Sunni jihadists were from Saudi Arabia alone.

Well, not only has his skepticism vanished, but his family will be receiving a $100 million in donations, largely from Saudi Arabia.

At the recent Islamic Arab-American Summit in Saudi Arabia, Trump would make an announcement of a renewed American-Saudi geo-political, military and economic alliance generating nearly half a trillion US dollars over the course of a decade. 

It is well documented that Saudi Arabia has long been the epicenter for Sunni Islamic jihadism we frequently call “terrorism.”

For nearly six years, the United States has been partnering with Saudi Arabia and other jihadist groups (often called ‘moderates’ or ‘rebels’) to dismantle and replace the Syrian government run by, Bashar al-Assad, an Alawite Muslim, which is a pluralistic branch of Shi’a Islam. 

Due to US government propaganda spread to the American people and disinformation spread repeatedly through corporate media outlets, Americans have been led to believe that Iran, Shi’a Muslims have been their greatest threat, and the greatest threat in the Middle East region, without offering a shred of evidence. 

The US actively identifies Iran as the leading state sponsor of terrorism, also without a shred of evidence. 

I could pull a host of videos of men and children being beheaded or having their body parts being cut out and then eaten in front of a crowd of Sunni jihadists while everyone shout praises to their God, Allah. But I’ll spare you the gore.

I could pull up a host of government records and videos where US and Middle East rulers, including Muslim ones, are public in their “soft” rebuke of the type of people the US and their allies were arming in the Middle East, but I will not “bore” you with that. 

The amazing thing is that America, it’s military and a significant wing of corporatism is turning a blind eye to all of this. What does “never forget” mean anymore? 

Nevermind the fact that it is illegal, period, for the US to be establishing religion anywhere in any form, including Islamic theocracies such as Saudi Arabia or in Syria. However, I thought it should be important for Americans to capture a small dose of the Sunni “rebels” singing a brief medley in Syria a few years ago about their “moderate” views of life and the Islamic God.

Most Americans have a pretty arrogant view of religion, as in the sense that they believe they have a knowledgeable grasp of it since they know or have met a few members from it. Maybe they read some newspaper articles on it, went to a college seminar, or maybe read a book or two by some 21st Century adherents of the 1,400 year old religion.

Yet, many religions, particularly, Islam, have source documents which are authoritative for all times and are the primary source of any knowledge held or ascribed to within. Islam’s authoritative source documents are found in the Quran, Sira and Hadith.

Please pay careful attention to the brief video, which include Saudi nationals, below which was filmed in northern Syria – I believe it is the least you could do for letting our US government and military wage wars over the planet in partnership with these sort of religious ideologues who destroy families and civilizations in the name of Allah, the deity of Islam. I hope you remember this when you “never forget” 9/11 or tell other people to “never forget.”

If Sunni jihadism is not good for America or you, then what makes you believe that it is perfectly acceptable to help impose it upon entire nations and civilizations?

Please watch the subtitles closely. Watch the facial expressions of all the men and young boys. Could you imagine the dread that Alawite Muslims would have felt hearing these words sung?


Open your eyes, no one else will do that for you. 


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