What Matters Is What The Russians Perceive

While it’s not being reported widely in America, believe it or not, the following article came from the Assoociated Press (AP).

It actually points out what matters most, without directly stating so: the Russian understanding of the situation in Europe and NATO aggression including the largest military build up there since WW2. 


As the article reports:

“Russia’s envoy to NATO warned Thursday that Moscow is concerned by the alliance’s military deployment in the Baltic States and Poland, and will respond to the buildup, as thousands of U.S. and European troops trained on land, sea and in the air in central and eastern Europe.

‘NATO is building a new military security situation that we cannot ignore, that we should address using our own military instruments,’ Ambassador Alexander Grushko said in Brussels”

The article explains further, the Russian position through Ambassador Grushko:

“In a conversation with reporters that painted a bleak picture of NATO-Russia ties, Grushko also said that Moscow sees no shift in U.S. defense policy since President Donald Trump came to office.

‘In real steps, there is not any change of U.S. policy through NATO vis-a -vis Russia,’ [Grushko] said…”

The Russian response needs to be taken in the context of the last several years, with an ever intensifying posture of the US towards Russia during the closing years of the Obama administration and the near reality of a Clinton presidency, which has not happened, yet.

Trump campaigned on exploring improved relations and partnerships with Russia but clearly Russia is now telling us they no longer have optimism.

Vladimir Putin of Russia explained his perspective of our times, at the July 2016 International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg: 

“Your people do not feel a sense of the impending danger, this is what worries me.”

In context, it is not because Russia has been the aggressor, it is because US/NATO has been progressively surrounding the Russian boarder with missiles while continuing to press a hegemonic global agenda. Putin has consistently delivered  a clear warning for the last 3 years.

If the holocaust of Nazi Germany and the aftermath, including the various “never forget” campaigns employed from that era, are so crucial to ‘remember’ even today, for example, particularly by the Jewish surviving victims, what sort of information campaign is in order for our times? 

We are not facing the elimination of 3 million or 6 million or 18 million. We are facing the elimination of 100 million or more.

Do you even know why? Is it all worth it to you?

There are 3 different ribs this Russian bear could easily devour in an instant that would suddenly change the direction of the world and NATO: US, UK, and Saudi Arabia.

Why provoke it?


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