Let’s Go Ahead And Pour Gasoline On The Fire

Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, the famed leader of the Shia Muslim militant and political group in Lebanon, Hezbollah, has concluded (see parts 1 & 2) the Riyadh Declaration released last week on the heels of the Arab Islamic-American Summit held in Saudi Arabia, which President Donald Trump attended, is not only a “farce,” but will result in more blood shed in the future. 

Nasrallah is not a guy to make angry, and the US and their Arab allies just have. Don’t take my word for it, here’s what Joshua Cooper Ramo, former geopolitical journalist now executive at Henry Kissinger’s international consulting firm, Kissinger & Associates said of Nasarallah’s organisation several years ago:

“Hizb’allah is arguably the best-run Islamic militant group in the world, so efficient and well designed that it has not only survived nearly thirty years of Israeli and international pressure but has also developed some of the most powerful and successful tactics for fighting its enemies. “This is by far the greatest guerrilla group in the world,” Israeli Brigadier General Guy Zur confessed after his tank brigade had been pounded by Hizb’allah in southern Lebanon.”

Ramo was speaking about, “The Management Secrets of Hizb’allah,” and their resilience and organization adaptility in the face of challenge. Israel has proven, with all of its weaponry and espionage ability it not only cannot defeat Hizb’allah. (See: The Age of the Unthinkable, page 140, Google Books edition).

Ramo continues,

“What had kept the group alive for more than two decades, under intense pressure both within and outside of Lebanon, was this obsession with innovation and an instinct for slow-variable resilience. This created a dangerous problem for Israel, a problem whose lethal irony Farkash had pointed out: direct attackson Hizb’allah made the militants more resilient, not less. Small perturbations in natural systems — and, on the Hizb’allah timetable, most of Israel’s actions were small perturbations — are usually the best way to build resilience.” (Page 144-45)

This book was released in 2009.

Now think about the last 6 years. Hezbollah is a primary defense force in Syria, fighting along side President Assad forces combating imported Sunni jihadist militants who are recruited, trained, financed and weaponized by the US and Saudi Arabia.

That’s correct, in our idiotic and illegal international war (not civil war), waged against Syria, we’ve inadvertently strengthened one of Israel’s most formidable adversaries by providing them several years more of battlefield and counter-insurgency experience. 

Nasrallah, the Hezbollah, leader recently said in an interview, 9 months prior to the 2017 Riyadh Declaration, the following concerning his army and Galilee, the recently chosen region for Genie Oil & Gas (Rothschild-Dick Cheney linked), as well as, Dallas, Texas, based Zion Oil & Gas, to begin drilling:

“…Hezbollah gains experiences that it had never had since its foundation to this day, it has earned them. The most important thing that worries Israel, what is it? It is not the defensive experience and the defensive war, because from 1982 to 2000, until 2006, Hezbollah was in a defensive movement. Even our tactics were defensive tactics. We did not attack colonies or enter Palestinian territory. Before 2000, we were attacking [Israeli] positions in Lebanon. Even attacking such and such a position, even if they were offensive operations in appearance, but they took place in a defensive setting.

Well, when Hezbollah comes into the battle in Syria, and fights like a very large formation, and with very diverse armaments, or as part of a very great training in armaments, and participates in offensive operations, and expels armed men, who are not normal combatants, especially foreigners, fighters with such a level of committment, when it kicks them out of very vast geographic expanses, this means that Hezbollah gains an offensive experience, a vast experience of liberating territory through continuous and direct military operations, and not through the guerrilla warfare. And this experience was not present in Hezbollah before the War in Syria.

This is where Israel is frightened and terrified. Because what Hezbollah does in Syria, if a war comes against it, it will do it in Galilee. This means that the promise of Galilee, which is of course a conditional promise, because some say it is an absolute promise, (no), it is a conditional promise. I said, “The day may come when the direction of the Resistance will ask [its fighters] to enter Galilee.” And that day may come. And the Resistance may ask for it. I do not change any letter in my statement. Well, if God forbid, a war took place, and Hizballah leadership decided to enter Galilee, these are soldiers who have not only trained themselves in this kind of war, but they will have practiced this war for years.”


Think about all of this in context of the recent US military build up in Jordan, neighboring Galilee and Syria. The wise consider the cost of war. A discipline that has left the American psyche long ago.


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