Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semitism Is The Goal For A New Kind Of Europe

In the recent years, growing evidence of anti-Semitism and disdain for America can be seen. Many in America will not necessarily see this because the truth is not readily apparent, is often hidden and distorted by mainstream media and their own government.

Furthermore, they are even less aware that they are in fact being baited and exploited into crystalyzing these attitudes due to their own current willfulness to go along with, or pay little mind to, dark and sinister goals of governments and “elite” families within the West. 

With blissful oblivion, whatever their motivation may be, whether in full support of illegal US wars in Syria (perhaps, in support of a safer Israel or a deluded sense of humanitarianism), or in complete indifference to our times, Americans and Europeans, including Christians and Jews, have little awareness of the geopolitical spell being played upon them with America’s and England’s war on terror. 

In the wake of nearly two decades of wars provoked by the US, UK, and financed primarily by the banks of Manhattan and City of London, launched in response of terrorist strikes on September 11, 2001, old attitudes of hate, resentment and disdain for Christians and Jews are solidifying throughout Europe and the Middle East, particularly along the Mediterranean, to the degrees the world has not seen in a millennium.

America is often understood to be “Christian” by much of the world, even though it is not, and the bankers of the West are understood widely as being, “Jewish.”

To add to this, a pervasive attitude worldwide grows, presenting blame for Jews or Israel acting in its own interest, charging them with “apartheid,” “mass murder,” “racism,” “hatred,” or “lies.”

If people would begin to re-incorporate personal responsibility for gaining insight and searching for facts about history and our times, gullibility and delusion could give way to awareness, and possibly, a grasp of the truth which is the only way towards a better reality, no matter to what degree of despicabilty might be revealed. But that takes an uncanny owning of courage.

With NATO now in full support of backing Sunni Arab led Saudi Arabia, a self declared Islamic State, and Sunni Arab led black flag waving jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria, in partnership with America and the UK (and others), to oust strong Arab leaders who are known for being less religiously extreme and more tolerant of diverse cultures and religions, such as in Syria (Libya and Iraq under Saddam Hussein as well) than the brutal Sunni Islamic jihadist movements (a phenomenon under-reported and misreported in Europe and America), the long established goal of igniting anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, anti-Christian attitudes throughout the Mediterranean and Europe is the result of powerful Arab and European leaders colluding to reshape and re-define European culture.

Israel’s gullible support for all of this is not going to help them as they assume. The Bible, written primarily by Jewish people, spanning the duration of 7 different major Gentile civilizations, illustrates well, Israel’s alliances formed with Gentiles never ends in self preservation. I should mention here, that The Roman Empire was initially invited into The ancient Israel region to combat and expel the Greek Empire. Rome never left and squashed Israel. Israel stands to lose everything today. And, for those Evangelicals, who believe we are in the last days – we’ve been in the last days for 2,000 years. No one knows when the end will begin. Wake up! 

NATO is hegemonic entity created by the Western allies after WW2 to curtail Soviet expansion and to help prevent further European wars. The Soviet Union no longer exists but now the cries for Russian aggression fill the void. NATO is not democracy and its not “free trade” either. It is the collective will of long established royal family networks.

The New NATO complex oddly resembles Nazi SS symbols.

Anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism to the extent of isolating America from Europe is the goal. Make Jews and Americans seem as utter “assholes” and “morons” to generate hate and resentment is simply part of the “helpful” tactics to implement the overall strategy to form a new Mediterranean Arab-European entity.

Coupled with the lies of Russian aggression, America, with Trump, is once declaring more lies: the Persian Iranians are the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. His administration has offered no evidence or proof of this. He, or his masters, just need his people and the Jews terrified of another boogie man threat to justify building a massive Sunni Arab military headquartered in Saudi Arabia, for the Mediterranean South.

I am not intending to ignore Iranian support for Palestinians, Hezbollah or Syria. These are issues needing more nuance than I can write here today.

To put it more clearly, America, NATO, Saudi Arabia need these lies perpetuated so that NATO can build a huge military arms supply, along with Saudi Arabia, to establish this new Eurabia entity – courtesy of the US military industrial complex and US taxpayers. 

Too few people would know today, that many strong Jewish voices bemoan and grieve, not celebrating, the loss of European culture and heritage, including having outrage of the expungement of Christian and Judeo-Christian culture and values. 

Among these voices is, Richard L. Rubinstein, who wrote for the New English Review, in January 2013,

“In the past few years,  it has become all too apparent that the nations of the European Union (EU) have made a catastrophic mistake when they created a common, one-size-fits all currency, the euro, ignoring the vast differences in productive capacity, financial resources, work habits, and culture of the member nations. The full consequences of this mistake have yet to unfold, but the instability in the world’s financial markets may be a foretaste of darker troubles ahead.

While the financial crisis has been recognized, a far worse error of judgment has yet to be recognized, at least by Europe’s leaders, the surrender of Europe’s cultural identity as a consequence of the introduction of a largely unassimilable Muslim population into the EU. 

Rubenstein wrote this article as a review of an essay written by Bat Ye’or, whom I’ll get to in greater detail in a moment – but Ye’or’s work is called, Europe, Globalization, and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate.

This new “Eurabia” entity, rising from the sea, in at least Saudi Arabia’s understanding (the south side of Eurabia anyway), as depicted on their map of Africa on their official website, with their state as the darker shaded green state as the primary administrative Arab-Muslim state among all the other (lighter green shaded Mediterranean coastline) states of Africa.

Under President Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton, whose well-known close Saudi confidante, Huma Abedin, former wife of Anthony Weiner, orchestrated tirelessly together the ousting of strong Muslim Arab leaders that might resist American-NATO-EU interests and goals.

Libya’s Qaddafi had to be removed. It is well documented that Saudi Arabia donated at least $50 million to Clinton’s private charity foundation and millions to her Presidential election campaign.  Yet, Russia and Trump gets most of the attention even today because these rumors continue to fuel the US imported war machine for the Mediterranean North (NATO).

Having a “wrecking ball,” “racist” painted US President among Arabs, the Mediterranean regions assists enormously in expediting goals for Eurabia.

Notice nearly no one is talking about this. No one is really in the mood to warn Christians or Jews anyway – they’re a major source of all our problems today, right? 

How can the US, NATO, and the EU tolerate and support extreme groups such as real neo-Nazis in Ukraine or Sunni jihadists (often called “moderates,” “freedom fighters,” or “rebels,” or even “humanitarians” – as seen in the Sunni White Helmets)? How can these anti-American anti-European, and anti-Semitic all be supported by American Christians and Jews?

How can Americans, who invoke slogans, such as, “Never Forget,” in memory of the attacks inflicted upon it by 19 Sunni jihadists (15 of whom were from the Sunni Islamic State of Saudi Arabia), yet turn around, and believe and enthusiastically support a Sunni Islamic onslaught upon nations like Syria, Iraq, Lybia, Somalia, and Yemen as if any of it is remotely appropriate or “justified?”

If Sunni Islamic jihadist terror is not good for America or Jews, then why on earth would it be good for Syria, who has been combating it daily for nearly 6 years straight, or anywhere else?
It is only within this context of an effort to make a new Muslim-Arab-European entity that a record American military and trade package with half a trillion dollars to an Islamic State known for its brutality upon its own people and neighboring states becomes understandable.

Do not expect the corporate media to help you understand the answers to all of these perfectly sane questions. Many of the humans in those organizations are too monetized and fixed into career and lifestyle obligations to offer their consumers hungry for justice and truth a link to reality. 

The answers to the questions can be found in declaration documents known as the Barcelona Declaration of 1995 and the Dialogue of Cultures and Civilisations.

It is hard to know if a US President, then, for example, is ignorant of or deceived concerning, that a record trade and weapons package, is told to be merely about American jobs and fighting terrorism.

Through the last several decades, an Egyptian born Jew, Bat Ye’or, has shed light on her own experiences under the cruel hand of Islam and the Islamic slave status known as “Dhimmi.” 

In her excellent research provided in the last 2 decades, she brings to light the stated goals for the Mediterranean nations of powerful world leaders as seen in the documents as she reports.

One is more comprehensive than the other, but both are very helpful in making sense of what looks to be madness and chaos but is really quite specific in its scope and plan. Powerful people are counting on American ignorance to help make the goals stated in these documents a reality.

Ye’or and her family fled Egypt after enduring Islamic take over and persecution. She lived in Egypt for about 24 years. Her research on these issues is thorough and, yet, widely ignored by both Christians and Jews. She experienced first hand the humiliation of Islamic “Dhimmi” status. In light of this, she has spent years researching, writing, and explaining the real horrors and threat of Islamic quest for Empire and subjugation as seen in the “Dhimmi” enslavement of non-Muslims under an Islamic ruled caliphate order and society. 

You can watch the video below or others of her on YouTube or read countless other books she has written.

Her concerns about this Eurabian project underway are, as Ye’or explains:

” Arab(s) demand…repeatedly…Islam and Arab culture should be spread – freely spread in Europe, the teaching should be done in the universities on Arabic and Islamic matters by Arab and Muslim professors which, of course, give the Islamic view of history, which is not necessarily our view since Islam teaches that jihad is a justice war and, as we know it has been a genocidal war.” (about 27 min. mark)

She continues,

“Because this policy was commanded and determined from the top level of the European community and the European Union, it has covered the whole country of Europe, with the same type of culture, which is anti-Semitic, Anti-American, totalitarian in its view… this is a political culture created since 30 years (ago from 2005), imposed by the media through the academia and by the control of publishers… which are all linked with the Arab media…Now, if you want to know better about this policy of total integration of Europe and Arab countries, you can go to the internet and you can see the ‘Barcelona Declaration,’ which was a declaration made by European countries and Arab countries of the Mediterranean, including Turkey, in 1995, which includes the integration of the whole shore… this plan was more developed in another important project by, President Romano Prodi, who was the President of the European Commission, which is called, ‘The Dialogue of Cultures and Civilizations,’ (around the Mediterranean).”

I should interject here, that very soon, we are likely to see a struggle for power between two Sunni states, Turkey, north of Israel, and Saudi Arabia, south of Israel. Maybe it will be over who dominates Syria. Both Sunni nations have been pouring in support for Sunni factions, either ISIS or “moderates” that are really jihadist terrorists in order to oust Assad.
Nevertheless, Ye’or continues:

    “This is a very important project that I strongly advise you to read it,” she emphasizes, “because it describes the total integration and (weaponization) of the two shores of the Mediterranean by the rejection of Europe-Christian ties, and of course, Judeo-Christian culture and a full abandonment of its own culture since the population of this new Mediterranean entity will be called ‘us’…”, so that all European nations will renounce their national and cultural identity which are understood to be “racist” by many. 

    Ye’or goes on to explain how the entire project intends to generate anti-American and anti- Christian attitudes among the European-Mediterranean block to the extent Christians reject Christianity in order to assimilate the Arab culture birthed from a feeling of “guilt” in order to achieve a total transformation of Europe. 

    Another article putting further clarity Ye’or’s work, and implications can be found here:

    This is all happening under our nose. 


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