Exposing The Seth Rich Murder Is Now Prevention of Nuclear War

Rogue Journalist, Caitlin Johnstone, wrote a quick read article summarizing the peril of our times to which most Americans are oblivious.


It is amazing to see the depth of human depravity unveiling before our eyes as the alternative media is exposing the mounting evidence, not only concerning the assassination of Seth Rich, but human beings who are using this whole ordeal to conceal truth and fabricate lies as a tool to drive us towards nuclear war with Russia.

Evidence is currently showing leaks and “hacks” are linked to Seth Rich – they may be one and the same! As each day passes, the alternative news outlets are uncovering more facts and evidence that most of the mainstream media has refused to cover, even shunning those who believe grave foul play exists based on factually based evidence. 

These “leaks” are also catalytic for grave evidence and suspicions surrounding Pizzagate and John Podesta, whom the Washington DC Police have refused to investigate in a competent way so far for serious crimes. Does this have anything to do with the fact that Podesta’s wife sits on the Board of a DC Police Association?

The whole Russian “threat” or “hacks” is a diversion tactic to drive our focus away from our own “American” problems and evil. 

Think about it – how low must people stoop? Imagine, running the risk of nuclear war to cover all of this up and to be fine with it! The cover up has much more than just hacks and leaks coming from members of the Democratic National Convention, it includes links exposing a child sex slave/body part trafficking network!

As it stands, many in America are content with engaging in a nuclear holocaust (‘holocaust’ is from a Greek word pertaining to religious ritual, meaning, “whole burnt offering”).

One influential Southern Baptist Evangelical Pastor and leader, who currently sits as Executive Director for the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, Ed Stetzer, who also writes for the CIA funded Washington Post, chided many of his followers on Facebook for having legitimate concerns over Pizzagate.

He cited Wikipedia. Children are among the most vulnerable in society – especially the stolen ones to be used as “toy dolls” for the sexual appetites of adults.

Other excellent alternative investigative journalism for the Seth Rich or Pizzagate investigations include George Webb (multiple daily updates) and Titus Frost. 

But, even more seriously, as Ms. Johnstone points out about the Seth Rich case: 

“This is unsurprisingly getting zero mainstream attention, but all the Russia hysteria that has engulfed American discourse has actually placed all terrestrial life in grave danger. Dr. Stephen Cohen, easily the foremost American authority on US-Russia relations, said in an interview with RT last week that this may be the most dangerous that tensions between the two nations have ever been in his lifetime. Cohen was born in 1938.”

She continues about Cohen:

Again, this man is an internationally renowned expert in this field. If you disagree with what he’s saying, you can safely assume that you are wrong, get the fuck over yourself and start absorbing this new information. Cohen is a member of the US Council on Foreign Relations, has authored countless books, articles and essays about US-Russia relations, and has served as a consultant on Russian affairs for major news networks both on and off camera. When he says we should be getting nervous about the possibility of near-term human extinction because of tensions along these three cold war fronts, we should listen to him.

If you have never been a prayer warrior before, this is a great time to start being one. 


3 thoughts on “Exposing The Seth Rich Murder Is Now Prevention of Nuclear War”

  1. Well since Julian Assange is not going to sign a statement that Seth Rich is actually the one who provided the emails, it’s difficult to proceed legally. I’m sure everyone knows Wikileaks offered 25,000 dollars for information about his murder. If no one comes forward how could murder investigation proceed?

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    1. The Washington DC Police already has in its possession plenty of disturbing evidence to indict key suspects. I work for churches, normally they are 501c3s. Child sex abuse investigations proceed in churches with less than the DC police already has with this situation. The DNC is a non-profit entity similar to a church.

      Seth Rich did come forward and he was murdered and the official police story is filled with glaring holes (just like in Dallas with the murder of JFK).

      What we have is, once again, a Police agency using its power to protect the powerful and this time at the expense of children who are trafficked, raped, ritually sacrificed and harvested for body parts.

      If prosecuted, many politicians on both sides of the aisle will be exposed, military personnel, business leaders and even more sadly but not surprisingly Christian leaders.

      I don’t know if you noticed but pedophilia rings was an agenda item at the recent Trump-Putin meeting.

      I suspect, if the US continues on this path of negligence to these crimes, the world will take the matter into its own hands – to dismantle the “exceptionalism” myth the US boasts of often.


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