Remain An Average Reader Of News At Your Own Peril & The World’s

As the general public in Western nations are once again recoiling, perhaps even grieving, the tragic loss of life and suffering caused by the attack in Manchester, England, on Tuesday night, currently blamed on a sole actor tied to the Sunni Islamic jihadist group known as ISIS, it is important to keep in mind, if indeed, we are a species sincerely containing empathy and compassion for other humans, that there are many who actually live under daily threat of ISIS terror in Syria. 

Due to Western corporate and government reporting, most Western news consumers are simply unaware of the facts related to the Syrian context. They do not even know how to find or ascertain reliable and trustworthy sources for information. 

As a professional in religion (and its industry), I shed light or report primarily on human activity from a religious framework. I am often analyzing religious beliefs and ideologies, labelled or not, as “religion,” and providing critique of them, including the Abrahamic-tied faiths of monotheism: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

While Manchester might be tied to an expression of Islam, Western powers are sure to play on the emotions of their populations to increase their own power at home while energizing greater support for wars in the Middle East, and particularly in Syria who is also combating ISIS and similar ideological tribes found in al Qaeda linked armies. 

The average reader in the West, simply will dismiss, the necessary nuance believing their own governments are sincerely interested in their security by stamping out terrorism, while staying unclear about precisely what sort of terrorism is at work and who all is supporting it.

(President Abdel el-Sisi of Egypt at the 2017 Arab Islamic-American Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, May 2017.)

For Christians, “worshipping” God goes way beyond singing songs in a building on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. As Jesus said, “The Father, seeks true worshipers, those who worship in spirit and truth.” All truth is of God and having an outlook on Syria or anything in our times requires an openness to it and should be rooted in it.

Christians would want to employ great discretion on precisely what sort of enthusiastic support and gullibility they will extend to their governments and any sort of media outlet. Eternity lasts a whole lot longer than the immediate. 

(Photo from Sarah Abed of Syria. Christian worshipers returning to the Reqad Al-Sayyidah church in Syria for the first time in 6 years after being attacked by Sunni jihadist groups.)

The word, “repent,” actually means “change your mind and turn away (in a different direction, normally, from error). For many in the West, such as the UK or the US, this applies to Syria (and any other war context with which our governments of “freedom” may be involved).

Tony Cartalucci is one of most reliable sources, persistently citing credible voices (such as Patrick Henningsen – people who have actually been on the ground there) and facts, on the Syrian conflict and the Middle East. His latest article will help many concerned humans with sincere empathy gain better clarity about our times. We are not just talking about the mere spreading of information. We are dealing with facts that reveal significant moral and immoral realities tied to human injustice. 

As Cartalucci reports here:

“The US is also widely employing the abhorrent tactics of socioeconomic, psychological, and armed terrorism to break the Syrian people completely and absolutely.

Unlike in Libya and Iraq, however, US plans in Syria have been confounded. And because of this, ample time has elapsed for independent journalists to travel to, record, and report what is actually transpiring versus the intentional, malicious, and continuous lies told by the West’s mainstream media.

One of these journalists is Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire, whose recent trip to Syria had him cross paths and interview others frequently visiting and sharing their experiences and findings from the besieged nation.

The picture painted is one that cannot be ignored.

For those who have already decided to believe the Western media based on “activist accounts,” the accounts provided during a recent audio interview published by 21st Century Wire is at least as equally compelling. However, for those who truly desire to discover the truth, critical thought and additional research will reveal the latter to be telling a truth consistently and intentionally obfuscated by the Western media.”

Read more here:

    It is my privilege to continuously bring you information and point you to voices of truth and facts often omitted from mainstream corporate media outlets so you can be better informed on our times.


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