President of Egypt, Not America, Is The Voice of Exceptionalism At The Arab Islamic-American Summit 

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the President of Egypt, and a Sunni Muslim, provides the voice of clarity which is lacking in the US (and her allies) in the fight against jihadist terrorism at ​the Arab Islamic-American Summit held in Saudi Arabia this past Sunday among numerous heads of state including Saudi Arabia and the US.

El-Sisi was calling for a comprehensive counterterrorism strategy to confront terrorist organizations without differentiation. Isn’t it odd this voice and practice is missing from the US or the UK?

The clarifying questions and parameters el-Sisi set forth in his speech were clearly intended to rebuke the US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar – all known actors in supporting black flag waving Sunni jihadist terrorists in Syria and Iraq and beyond. This included calling for the ending of sharing intelligence, media support and more. 

He said, “The criminal is not only the militant, but also those who finance, train, arm them and provides them with political and ideological cover.”

This alone would indict numerous US politicians and military personnel. He even defined the “criminal” as those who are medically treating the militants and those who buy their oil and collude with them in the thievery of archeological monuments and selling drugs.

The Egyptian President has become a more outspoken critic of Islam in recent years, even questioning Sharia Law as it has been historically/presently presented and calling clerics and Islamic heads of states to reshape the 1,400 year old religion.

One would assume that after enduring the alleged horrors of September 11, 2001, that Americans would be on the same page as El-Sisi. But we are not. 

What is our problem?


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