And Let Us Not Forget the Psychopaths In Religion, Especially Christianity

The following article caught my attention, and for those that follow me, they will immediately call to mind that I blog frequently on issues of human organization and justice (or its absence). This is one of those behaviors that impacts both justice and human organizing and if it is true privately (personally), it is true collectively (can be played out corporately by a group of people relating to another corporate entity).

Religion is a vast domain of the human population and will continue to be way beyond the trend of secularism that is on its last leg in 21st Century Western civilization. There may be a great “falling away” from Christianity, but, nonetheless, the social environment is being groomed for a massive new wave of religious devotion of some order in the very near future (stay tuned to my blogs and you will read more on that later).

Equally, sociopathic behavior is popping up all over – even the collective “will” of entire nations such as the UK/US as played out in the world scene, corporations, government, news/media outlets and so on.

That said, the following article by Eric Barker, is very important as it pertains to psychopaths/sociopaths in various domains or relationships we find ourselves in, which may be a growing phenomenon – perhaps, because we are becoming more aware of their common patterns.

This article reads quickly and offers valuable insight and wisdom (applied knowledge) how to help you identify the sociopath (commonly, “narcissist”) and steps you can do to deal with one. 

Religions are filled with them, particularly, Christianity. The author talks at length about the “business environment” or “workplace” but it applies in a church too. Most churches in America are organized in a pyramidic organizational hierarchy.

Also, churches have “vulnerable” people so like a wolf hiding just outside the “sheep pen,” or maybe under “sheep skin,” church attenders need to always keep these things in mind, particularly in a day where pedophilia, or any other kind of sex abuse (emotional abuse and so on) reign. 

The article does briefly mention “cult leaders” in passing, but again, this content does apply in the religious environment where the sociopath can infiltrate and begin to claw their way into power just as is described here. It would be absolutely true that sociopathy is anti-Christian (see Luke 9:23-24) because there is no room for following Jesus and refusing to deny yourself, at all. 

A Christian religious environment is a natural magnet for sociopaths and are experts at ingratiating themselves to church leaders who are, sadly, often gullible to them. 

To be sure, an eternal Hell thirsts for sociopaths though they may deny they qualify. But, while you still and they walk the earth, I hope you find this helpful and encouraging: 


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