Here We Go Again: Another US Surge To Establish A Sunni Theocracy in Syria 

While most Americans are oblivious to the true story of the international war on Syria (not a civil war) due to mainstream media reporting, or indifference to what has been billed as one of the greatest humanitarian crisis of the 21st Century, the US military is building up another huge assault arsenal just outside the Syrian boarder presumably to assist the Sunni jihadist collection of militants known as the Free Syrian Army  (FSA), as AMNNEWS reports. 

Since the US military originally mobilized (related to the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington DC, allegedly by 19 Sunni jihadists) into the region back in 2003 under falsified US intelligence linking the secular Baathist leader, Saddam Hussein, to supporting Sunni jihadist terrorists, the United States is continuing an insane assault on Syria by supporting the very same ideologues it should be fighting.

Omitted from nearly all those who claim to be “official” news outlets in America is the fact that the Free Syrian Army is primarily Sunni jihadist terrorists.

American miltary action inside of Syria certainly could not be remotely called, “humanitarian.” If Sunni jihadist terrorism is horrible for Americans, how on earth can it be good for Syrians?

These Sunni jihadists go through and implement Sharia Law and carry out executions upon women and children, including Christians and homosexuals – people you would think America would be defending. 

Nope – that is not so! They are finding refuge in the Assad government and Russian army. 

Even though much of American news has painted the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as an “evil” dictator, report after report and analysis after analysis by Western eye witnesses have refuted these assertions utterly.

In addition to this, 1983 CIA documents under the title, Syria: Scenarios of Dramatic Political Change, demonstrate that “elite” Americans long ago “judged” that a Sunni theocracy is preferred to the more secular Assad government. The CIA document reveals that the US then was aware that Syria is a diverse nation providing unique levels of stability in the Middle East.

It is this sort of Syria that has long been targeted by the US and sought to be destabilized and re-order though Syria has never been a threat to the US.

For many Americans who claim that America has moral exception among the ranks of the world, one must call into question how have they tolerated mass destruction of this once stable nation. 

It is amazing how so many Americans for so long seem to have all this wisdom for so long about what is best for Syrians and the greater Middle East.

Now, Syrians will suffer even longer as Americans continue to unleash a new wave of war upon Syria. 

What really is the guiding light for America? 

Other Sources:

Tulsi Gabbard debunks US humanitarianism in Syria:


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