The Rich White Oil Man Knows Best and So Leads Us into More Wars

Rex Tillerson recently stated Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

He offered no proof or evidence of this. He just said it.

Iran’s official version of Islam is Shiite Islam, not Sunni Islam. The US is supposed to be fighting Sunni Islamic terrorists, the version of Islam of all the alleged terrorists of 911.

Almost always, when we hear of Islamic terrorist attacks in the West, it is usually Sunni Islamic .

Sunni Islam is also the version of Islam of ISIS. I’ve actually seen Saudi Arabian business men (Sunni) who have claimed pride for ISIS. Sunni Islam is the official version of Islam of Saudi Arabia. It is also the same version of Islam as al Qaeda, al Nusra, Muslim Brotherhood, and the various factions of the FSA.

The Sunni Muslims are the ones undermining the Syrian gov’t while taking and torturing prisoners of any Syrian and implementing their version of Sharia Law wherever they control. 

Women, children, Christians and homosexuals are among the most vulnerable prisoners under the rule of the Sunni terrorists.

Many of these Sunni terrorists are supported by, weaponized and trained by US and UK intelligence agents and military personnel. Tillerson also suggested that Iran is undermining US interests in Syria.

To date, US interests in Syria are all illegal. Furthermore, these interests have put at risk of life most Syrians, especially non-Sunni citizens (including Christians).

These various Sunni jihadists have been known to assassinate their prisoners, chop their heads off and eat their hearts!

The US commitment to extinguishing all terrorism in Syria is perverted at best.

If terrorism, particularly Sunni Islamic terrorism, is bad for Americans, why on earth would it be good for Syrians or any other humans anywhere?

Iran has been working hard at fighting and killing off Sunni jihadists who are brining terror upon an entire region.

While Tillerson continues to soak in his customary luxury as a rich white oil man in the US, Syrians will continue to suffer and die as Tillerson leads the US into phenomenon way over his head. 

Hell thirsts endlessly for guys like Tillerson.

Wake up! 


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