The Need For Alternative News Always 

…it would make perfect sense that any alternative news or messaging that disrupts or dethrones human power would be marginalized, discredited or made illegal.


The Gospel, from it’s actual etymology, means ‘God story,’ ‘God message,’ ‘God news’ and ‘good news.’

It has always been alternative news in the world where humans fashion the Gods in their own image, according to their own minds, or make them with their own human hands (the act of envisioning and fashioning what God is like) – activity that is quite unlike a revelation (or self revealing).

What if the God of love chose to reveal himself in a spoken message or written word more than any other medium? What would the lifestyle of those who believed this “word” look like? What would they truly value in life? 

The Caesars became experts at telling the world who were the highest authorities on earth on the nature and stories of the Gods.

In our comparatively seasonal trend, which is socially engineered, of “secular” society and government during the last 150 years, the world defaults to theocracy. Compare that to tens of thousands of years of humanity! What do you think will prevail over time?

I believe the “secular” shell we currently have hovering over us is exactly that, it is a veil, a strategy to deconstruct all religions to prepare the way for “new” religions and new theocracies to subjugate and conquer the masses.

In light of this reality, it would make perfect sense that any alternative news or messaging that disrupts or dethrones human power would be marginalized, discredited or made illegal. 

It was during the height of Roman power and conquest when the Gospels of Jesus Christ were written. This alternative news was even blasphemous to the established Jewish religion and order of the day. This is why the Jews worked with the Roman government to kill, not just Jesus, but many of his followers who where spreading this alternative story of God.

Something very significant must have happened to one Jewish religious leader, the Apostle Paul, who was formerly Saul of Tarsus, who, also formerly, actively led the way in seeing that Christians would be put to death for their “treasonous” and “blasphemous” ways for following and worshipping Jesus of Nazareth, who was called “Christ.”

Paul, literally, sacrificed his Jewish status and Roman privilege to serve this Jesus, who no longer walked the earth.

What compels a human to go through such a significant change? 

Much of the world before and after the Caesars are/were like them, employing a host of presumption, status and violent reinforcement of their “established” theological beliefs over the “alternative.”

The Caesars, to help ensure their position and status, conveniently began to call themselves sons of Gods, and direct descendants of the divine.

I’m sure many people could see right through this sort of hopelessness. So the threat of violence and potential charge of blasphemy or treason would have been a compelling way to curtail dissension. 

The New Testament, as we have it today, did not become an “official” book, or canon, until several centuries after each letter (called “epistles”), including the 4 Gospels, were written and circulated, often independently from each other.

They became so popular, that scribes made many copies of these original letters. We still have close to 15,000 copies, written primarily in Greek and Latin – there is no written ancient literature that comes close to the amount of historical copies of the original found anywhere. Of those that come close, they have a dozen or two copies.

No one is worshipping Caesars anymore and the billions of people who converted to Christianity throughout history did so, not by the threat of sword  (even though that did happen in specific, limited seasons of Christianity), but through, simply, the “message,” which is often referred to as , “the word”, or “word of God.”

Now we can begin to see why information and the flow of it to the masses is such a threat to the “establishment” powers and those believing them.

We can see why the alternative news will always be needed until the return of Jesus Christ himself, who is the God who accepts all humans, unconditionally, through faith in him by grace alone.

How does this alternative news compare to the widespread news and opinions of today? 

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