Church Father, Ignatius, Direct Disciple of Apostle John, Was Bishop to Antioch, Syria

Christianity existed in Syria for many centuries prior to the invention of Islam.


Church father, Ignatius, was born in ancient Turkey and became a Christian bishop through his conversion and discipleship from John the Apostle. His ministry assignment was in ancient Syria (currently the far southwest tip of Turkey’s boarder to Syria)  – the city called, Antioch, ruled under the Roman Empire at the time.

He had a feeling he would be thrown one day to the beasts for what he preached and taught.

It is a matter of debate as to whether he was killed in the Roman Colosseum or Circus Maximus (the long oval track pictured in the model of ancient Rome above). The date given to his death is the year 108 AD (in his seventies), under the rule of the emperor, Trajan. His mentor, John, died about 100 AD, in exile on Patmos (where he wrote the book of Revelation), years after surviving being boiled by oil for the ministry of his words. 

John died at an older age in his nineties. 

Ignatius, the Syrian Bishop, has letters he wrote which can be read online

Both John and his disciple, Ignatius, were tortured for their words about the nature of God, Jesus Christ, rebuke of society and the political powers of their day, namely, Rome.

Not many people relative to the mainstream of that day followed the words of these men when they first wrote. Most followed the words of the empire and the religions it already tolerated. 

Nearly no one follows the Ceasars of old now. But billions follow Jesus Christ today and claim him as Lord over all.

Strangely, though, Christians are being killed today on a daily basis in Syria, due to the imperial war led by the US/UK waged upon Syria.

Independent journalist, Sarah Abdallah, reported yesterday on two more Christians killed by US/UK supported Sunni jihadists in the Syrian city of Damascus, Dina Yazaji and Grace Khouri.

Please join me in praying for a global awakening to our times and that rulers of the world would make decisions to bring justice and peace.

Christianity existed in Syria for many centuries prior to the invention of Islam.

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