Feeling Left Behind With Our Times? Catch up Here:

If you are feeling a little behind due to the flood of lies, deception and propaganda unleashed by the most powerful nation on earth ever, which Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s explains in this podcast is no longer ruled by elected politicians or held to account by a free media, then you will want to invest some time listening to this podcast.

Most Christians are way behind the cultural crisis of our times (what’s new?) and with what all is at stake, but some are way ahead, and so, they can offer sound analysis and reporting to help the general public understand our times and discover what to do.

This podcast, though, is not just relevant for Christians. It is relevant for humanity as we truly face a thermonuclear war as never before.

When a war and a nuclear crisis break out, it will be imperative for the general population to be sharply informed about how and why things got to this depth of depravity. So listening to these perspectives is paramount for reaching justice and peace when the time comes. 

Dr. Julian Charles is a British Christian thinker, holding degrees from London, Cambridge and York Universities and is a preacher who conducts the interview with Dr. Roberts, which can be found on Dr. Charles’ website, www.themindrenewed.com.

Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s is a Cold War veteran who was on staff of the President Ronald Reagan administration as Associate Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and a former consultant to both the US Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce. Dr. Roberts was also an associate editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal. He is now the Chairman of The Institute for Political Economy  (who can be followed here).

The podcast interview covers a range of issues we are facing but really begins with an assessment of where President Donald Trump is at in his first hundred days in office and the strange phenomenon of Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary Tillerson making war threats against foreign powers. 

Roberts suggests, for all practical purposes, Trump’s Presidency is “over” which has dire consequences for humanity – calling the Neocon ideology the most dangerous ideology in the world, which is now leading the Trump Presidency. 

Dr. Charles asks Roberts if Trump was nationalistic at all and Roberts responded by pointing out Trump has no nationalistic record but was a business man in real estate, specifically in hotel and casino development which is not a prototypical background for nationalistic ideologues.

They also cover the latest developments in Syria and reflect upon “why” or “why not?” would the Syrian government use chemical weapons on the Sunni Islamic jihadists they have been fighting for nearly 6 six years as the jihadists seek to overthrow the minority ruled Alawite Assad government. 

Listen to the interview here:


Or, here:


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