SCO, Astana Welcomes India & Pakistan into the NWO, Pushing for inclusion of Iran

43% of world’s population lives within the member states.


While the world has a growing dread for “the way of the jungle” filled with terrorism and chaos paved by the American led unipolar world, the New World Order orchestrators met in Astana on Friday, the first major Freemasonry city built in the 21st century, in preparation for the next steps in their agenda to offer a global scale response to this unipolar world.

Like Freemasonry itself, the city is filled with all sorts of Saturn occult symbolism. So, to be sure, there is a spiritual and channeling influence here. And, as aesthetically appealing, everything may seem, this religious system is not going to do humanity any favors. The Saturn deity always has a dark side to which the masses are oblivious.

Welcomed into the SCO, India and Pakistan, normally arch rivals, now help make this economic and miltary alliance huge in terms of land mass, population and a nuclear arsenal. 

43% of world’s population lives within the member states. With mass amounts of natural resources and incredible economic development under way, the SCO is poised to take over global domination in the 21st century.

For several years, the SCO has been considering the inclusion of Iran and as the US (and Western allies) continue to push for aggression towards Iran, it appears that Iran could become a member as early as June, at the SCO summit, which will also be held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

It is possible that the “jungle way” makers of the United States are intentionally turning up the heat against Iran to prod it into a deeper position with this NWO entity.

The advocates of this new order stress a commitment to fight terrorism, adhering international law, economic prosperity and mutual respect of member nations and their sovereignty.

Of course, none of these leading nations have stellar backgrounds concerning human rights and so it is quite a mystery that so many Americans seem eager to push for increased aggression and war with them.

Neither the unipolar world or the NWO are good for humanity. The NWO will initially feel better than the current “way of the jungle.”

The yearning of the human spirit is freedom but this new system will by no means provide the freedom sought by humans. It will only preserve and add to the power of the powerful. 

US provoked war zones such as Ukraine, Syria, Libya, South Sudan, North Korea, Somalia and Yemen are filled with all sorts of international law and human rights violations. I wonder if Americans have utterly dismissed karma which governs our world throughout all of history.

When karma reigns, America will see its own flood of international law and human rights violations thrusted back upon them in the future.

Are you ready for that?

It will bring change, none of it will be hope. 

Learn more about the SCO under the following links:

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