Genius: Dreaming Up A Blueprint Model To Install A Sunni Islamic State in Syria 

Something like this was once someone’s dream.


Where is the primary international training ground for US/CIA globally recruited Sunni jihadists to install a huge Sunni Sharia Law theocracy in Syria down through Iraq?


What’s the recruiting strategy?

Create acts of terrorism. Film it. Produce recruitment videos of Islamic jihadist preaching, music, and jihadist black flags.

Distribute them worldwide sending the message this is work for Allah and a Caliphate – a purified alternative to the corruption of the world.

Make it sharp enough to recruit 100,000 or more jihadists who could become professional grade warriors. 

On the Western side of things, tell the world that you are at war with terrorists all over the world. Bomb the hell out Muslim nations, especially the ones you seek to dismantle in order to steal their resources.

Utterly mislead and deceive the masses about the nature of Sunni Islamic jihad through a corrupted corporate media system to spread propaganda.

Every Middle East nation with leaders who oppose Sunni Islamic jihad must be slandered, vilified, and annihilated.

Boast about the bombings, advances and overcoming challenges while never winning or ending. Create travel bans and immigration bans fueling an image the Westerners hate Muslims as further evidence that the time for global ‘jihad’ is ‘now.’

Every terrorism act is an act with real ‘actors’ (never called suspects anymore). Repeat the cycle. Fuel the fire of ‘jihad’ and see who is ‘addicted to the light.’

Keep the fire going!

All Westerners who join the US military side will be so conditioned and mind controlled that they will never act upon their instincts or moral conscience – they will resign themselves to a life long battle of PTSD, alcohol addiction, drug addiction or work addictions while human relationships remain utterly shallow. 

If these American soldiers die, a religious label is awarded to them: “sacrifice.”

Something like this was once someone’s dream.

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