CIA Documents Reveal Intent On Syrian Sunni Theocracy – All US Soldiers In This Fight Are Complicit

While most Americans employ all sorts of ungrounded reasons or justifications for US military involvement in Syria, even though all of it is unwelcomed and unauthorized by the Syrian government, a sovereign state, few realize the degree of risks in which the latest tomahawk missile strike catapulted the United States into a major confrontation with Russia.

All reported evidence of Syrian government use of chemical weapons on April 04, similar to 2013 allegations, were unconfirmed and unverifiable despite US official and media persistence in keeping to that story line.

MIT munitions expert and nuclear physicist, Theodore Postol, said the alleged chemical weapons attack in Idlib by Syria is inconclusive, after reviewing the White House intelligence report.

Of course, former laws which once prohibited the US government from unleashing propaganda upon its own population have been overturned, so they can actually spread false information to Americans no matter what Americans actually believe about a certain situation. So, finding truth sources beyond the official government are more important for Americans than ever before. 

Syria has been besieged by an international war where Western allies exploited and seized upon an opportunity to fuel a sectarian Sunni Islamic overthrow of the established and popular (among Syrians) President, Bashir al Assad.

Coincidently, a CIA released document dated from 1986, reveals detailed analysis of Syrian culture, demographics and sectarian pressure points that could spill over into a coup d’etat of the Assad/Alawite controlled state. 

When anyone reads this document, one can see how US government officials who wrote or read this are drawing their own “line in the sand” to side with Sunni Muslims, who are the majority population in Syria (at 60% at the time)  as well as the overwhelming majority in the whole of Islam all around the world.

The Assad royal family are Alawite Muslims, which is a minority wing of the minority branch of Islam known as, Shiites. Throughout most of the 20th and 21st Centuries, the Alawites have been characterized as a more tolerant version of Islam than Sunni or even Shiite.

The Assad loyal Alawites are also widely Baathists, a secular/communist influenced political party demonstrating deeper secularism values among the Assad government in a region plagued by religious zealots. 

The document acknowledges the existing history and tensions between the Assad family and Sunni Muslims, even citing the crack-down Assad’s father brought upon a Sunni Muslim Brotherhood rebellion in 1982 (MB currently being considered added to the US terror list by President Trump):

Furthermore, it cannot be overlooked that this read demonstrates an American government awareness of precisely the pressure points of “factionalism” within the Assad government. 

Other minority groups including Christians enjoyed more safety and a much better way of life under Assad than they do now under this internationally fed war (often depicted as a ‘civil’ or internal war), but their existence has been threatened due to widespread violence not only by Daesh but by other Sunni jihadists linked with both al Qaeda and Free Syrian Army affiliates (FSA) and the newer Syrian Democratic Forces.

So it is very important to keep all of these points in mind when hearing about the Syrian context. Most Western corporate media outlets ignore all of this. 

Yet again, coincidently, the CIA document foresaw in the 1980’s violent Sunni uprisings could be provoked by Assad/government “excessive” force to minor Sunni outbreaks.  

Anyone with a sound mind might ask an obvious question in light of the September 11, 2001, attacks allegedly conducted by 19 Sunni Islamic jihadists, ‘how on earth could the United States military or CIA help Sunni jihadists anywhere, particularly Syria?’ –  many of whom have been implementing Sharia Law along with all sorts of cruel violence including beheading of children and cannibalism as they have been sweeping across both Syria and Iraq.

It was the reported link between black flag waving Sunni al Qaeda jihadists from 911 that originally mobilized the US into the region in the first place back in 2003 (and in Afghanistan prior to that). The US is now supporting black flag waving jihadists (which include the White Helmets) who sometimes are comfortable, and sometimes not, affiliating with ISIS or al Qaeda, but still love waving that black flag and implementing Sharia Law.

The US has been supporting this Sunni uprising effort for a long time even though the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits the government from establishing Sunni theocracies or any religion. The US government even weaponizes it now and  produces all sorts of promotional videos for the religion, which has always had a political component.

Islam fundamentally means “submission.” Muslim means “one who submits.” Together, these two terms beg the questions always: “To whom or what is one submitted?” Would that be the Pope? President Obama? A 21st Century Western influenced Muslim or Imam? Or, would it be the founding prophet, Mohammad? The Quran? The Sira? Or, Sharia Law?

I know, I hear all the time, even by mind controlled Muslims (or Muslims intentionally misleading people to attempt to subvert a non-muslim society), “Islam means ‘peace.'” That is only correct in the context of “submission.”

A Muslim cannot by-pass the prophet or works ascribed to him – they are the direct revelation of Allah to the prophet and then from the prophet to all of humanity. Otherwise, they are not “submitted.” This point is crucial and missed by most Americans. 

So, if you are submitted to the direct revelation of God through the immutable words of the prophet, then you will have “peace.” But, to be sure, there is no by-passing The Prophet.

The 1986 CIA  document actually states that the US “judges” that a Sunni theocracy best serves the US interests. Yet, Syrians have never collectively agreed, especially in a context where minorities have rights, safety and even rule! 

Sounds like a Sunni theocracy defies United States interests. Clearly something has gone awry. 

This above excerpt is a part of page 4 seen here:

It has become clear, during the last several years, destabilizing Syria by supporting Sunni jihadists (often labeled as “moderates” or “rebels”), to overthrow Assad and shake off Moscow’s support while installing a Sunni theocracy in Syria has been the US goal at least since the 1980s.

The latest chemical weapons allegation, which relied solely upon a Sunni Muslim medical doctor working with the Sunni White Helmets is what the White House relied upon to begin spreading pictures of children around the world and led to the decision to retaliate against the Syrian government by launching 59 Tomahawk missiles which killed 2 civilians and 3 soldiers who fought Sunni jihadists.

MSNBC discredited reporter, Brian Williams, called these beautiful weapons, which ended up killing soldiers who fought jihadist terrorism.

Again, all of this is very important to keep in mind. 

Well, as you could expect, or probably heard, voices at the United Nations protested, Syria protested and Russia has drawn a new line of its own.

Russia did move to break off any further conversation with the United States in Syria until it reaches certain new benchmarks in conveying a commitment to fight all terrorism in Syria. This Russian response challenges the earlier written CIA documents which questioned the Russian commitment to Syria.

Furthermore, US-Russian tensions were already at a fever pitch due to NATO disagreements in Eastern Europe and in Ukraine. Now we can add the North Korean tension to the larger overall struggle. 

It is quite doubtful that most Americans are perfectly content that this sort of Syrian context is legitimate or acceptable – circumstances to risk deeper military confrontation or nuclear war with Russia over a spark like this.

For any who may doubt how such foolish or unlawful missile strikes can impact our current struggle with Russia, read closely what the top US miltary spokesperson, Colonel John Dorrian, conceded a week ago (see interview @ 20:20 mark) while trying to “save face:”

We have made adjustments to our operations to account for the potential tensions that resulted from the strikes that were conducted because of the Syrian regime’s chemical attack.

But make no mistake, we do plan on continuing our operations and we do continue to look for ways to accelerate them.  It’s just appropriate to make sure that you’re taking appropriate measures to account for that. 

We don’t want to be reckless and we don’t want to have some type of incident that would cause a miscalculation, or some type of unintended incident.  The intent is to get back as quickly as possible to our normal operations and as fast a pace as we can manage.

As the US military and officers like Col. Dorrian attempt to continue with their shenanigans in their efforts to establish a Sunni theocracy in Syria, in violation of 1st Amendment constitutional restrictions to establish religion, we can pretty much expect the suicidal course of “anything goes.”

Just do not be deceived, Dorrian or any US military agent in Syria, is not defending American freedoms or the Constitution – what every military employee swears to protect. 

They’re determined to set up a Sunni Islamic state. So, they are committed to seeking those opportunities to advance this long held CIA value. 


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