United Airlines’ Psychological War

​In light of United Airlines recent escapade of dragging an Asian Physician from his purchased seat by the long arm and hands of the law, I believe it is fitting to address the term and strategy known as ‘Public Relations.’

The BBC produced, The Century of the Self, 2002, identifies, Edward Bernays, a nephew of the great Sigmund Freud, as the father of modern public relations.

Bernays, himself, called his own work “psychological warfare,” when working to develop support for WW1, domestically and internationally, while he worked for the US government’s Committee of Public Information.

In other words, it was a propaganda machine to sway public opinion everywhere.

He admittedly tapped into the knowledge and wisdom of his now famous uncle and would go on to utilize his public relatio-ur, propaganda/psy-ops skill for not only the government but many large corporations.

He is the guy famous for influencing the idea that bacon & eggs are the ‘all American breakfast.’

(see Alix Spiegel article below)

United, will, no less, embark on their own psychological warfare to keep their sinking ship afloat.
Well, they’ve actually been waging this war quite successfully on the American public being recipients of huge federal government bailouts in the past (not unlike many other major domestic and foreign airlines).

When the masses are widely enslaved to the current monetized order and prioritized to serve it above all things, discounted (and subsidized) airline ticket prices will probably help United succeed in its psy-ops war upon you. 



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