Check Out The News That Counters the ‘Official’ Narrative of Ultimate Power on Earth

For nearly 2 decades, since September 11, 2001, Americans have essentially been promised a safer world in a fight against global terrorism. 

Similar to the failed US War on Drugs, the US simply no longer has any credibility or moral authority to continue to perpetuate myths of said peace goals or ability to deliver victory over global terror. This most certainly applies to the international war in Syria.

If you are addicted to listening exclusively to the Western corporate media, whose interests are not mutual with the broader population of 330 million people (in the US alone), and are ready to break free from the intended mind control of ultimate power in the world, you can check an excellent alternative source for information of the latest US escalation of violence against Syria.

One of those alternative sources can be found at here ( ).

When you click on that page, as is common by James Corbett, an open source investigation can be found in the comments section  when you scroll down.

One thing is for certain, if you are constantly reading or listening to only those sources with whom you always agree, you will never see deeper truth or what is really happening.

Corbett provides excellent fact-based analysis on issues and citations in his work. An added, plus, similar to my page, he does not put information behind a ‘membership fee’ wall.

Through ‘open source’ news access, researchers can begin to see the various perspectives of any given issue and develop a sharper grasp of reality.

Support independent bloggers and reporters. They are needed as never before in the face of ultimate power factions who are hell-bent on global control and utter control of you.

To be sure, I will continue to post top events and topics that have very significant meaning or impact to all of our lives as a guide post in these times where truth seems so elusive.


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