George Stephanopoulos Was Shocked To Learn Of The New Cold War Status

George Stephanopoulos was shocked to learn from the Russian press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, that our US relations with Russia are worse than what they were during the Cold War era.

Did you read that correctly? Are you awake? 

This is a mere example of the extent of the American denial of reality. This degree of tension did not occur suddenly or with the election of Donald Trump, though there are many who are now trying to ‘pin it’ on him.

Anyone watching and listening to US foreign policy leaders, statements and actions during the last several years would not be suprised by this statement or current situation, and as I said earlier, this is no sudden occurrence.

Even Mikhail Gorbachev, one of two Cold War veteran top leaders, wrote an open letter a few months ago to the American people (published by TIME). He spoke of his concern about US-RUSSIA relations and a nuclear war crisis. Peskov has underscored this concern with his statement earlier today to Stephanopoulos.

Remember, Trump led with an intent to try to work with Putin but this has been met with great resistance from the likes of many Democrats and Republicans, led by the John McCains and Lindsey Grahams- as well as the media – people who believe that these worse than Cold War era tensions are the only path forward. 

Hillary Clinton was a sure step towards nuclear war – that is a shocker to many very ignorant Americans. Russia was already preparing for it, so was Obama, by the way (see the 2016 installment of Emergency Preparedness month back in September). Trump gave the world room to breathe as everyone was waiting to catch a glimpse of the extent of swamp draining he would bring. 

We now, and more importantly, the Russians/Chinese can discern more clearly how extensive this swamp draining will be.

Out of all the issues, challenges, protest marches and preferences this one matters most and most Americans and their leaders have missed it. Is it all worth it to you? Well, it is to the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Perhaps you believe in their version of reality too.

Russia knows its upper hand against the US miltary includes missile technology, nuclear warheads and submarines. Americans are sorely mistaken assuming a conventional war will ensue as seen by our largest miltary arsenal and troop build up in Europe since WW2 – but this is simply another form of denial.


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