Powerful Government, Corporate Media and ‘Fake News’

He who first shortened the labor of copyists by device of movable types was disbanding hired armies, and cashiering (dismantling) most kings and senates, and creating a whole new democratic world: he had invented the art of printing.

– Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Resartus, 1833

Primary reasons for ‘fake news’ labels from government ‘authorities.’ 

1) One cannot proceed with the rationale unless one comes to grip with the entire notion and seduction of human ‘power.’ And to use the phrase often recited by those in ‘power’ (including elected and non-elected employees) to illustrate my point, ‘The United States is the most powerful nation on earth.’ Or, more succinctly, this means ‘with power, we can and we will,’ and usually, ‘whatever we want.’ Let that thought sink in. Own that thought. Think about how that could become ‘seductive,’ ‘enticing,’ or ‘intoxicating’ – it is because these speak to our human cravings. One of the most perplexing aspect of our times is not just the indifference to the supremacy of power held by the US government, but the overt activism to give it more! The same can be said of corporate media. 

2) Most Americans are not awakened to the realities and relational dynamics ‘power’ of this magnitude or the implications. It could be a general ignorance about easily accessible history, but in short, we could make the comparison of a young male adult professional athlete who grew up in poverty for 2 decades of his life and then suddenly becomes a multimillionaire (have you ever read how many of these guys end up bankrupt?), they often do not fully realize the situation has changed and magnifies the motivations people have. Our legal and political environment is not sterile or tame. It is rampant with agenda, power plays power sabotaging, and power grabbing – behavior that is completely unacceptable for a people who organize together around law, order and justice.

3) With this established, we can proceed to the professional corporate media reality that is often assumed to be the public’s heroic voice to keep us appropriately informed as a people living ‘free’ in a world known to produce blood thirsty, power hungry tyrants and factions (but of course, most of us live oblivious of this historical and current reality).

Our corporate media is anything but ‘free.’ It is just a couple of dozen ‘for profit’ organizations that we have for our huge nation of 300 million plus people. The corporate media enjoys the endorsement of the government of the ‘most powerful nation on earth.’ This dubious status underscores our value (at least a value in years past) for the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, which seems to be a non-issue with the masses. I stay independent because a few people support me, I could not do  what I do without them. Plus, I do not have career aspirations to get closer to sources of human power. 

With this in mind, career long professionals enjoy a close connection, often times built upon decades of relationships and privileged access to those in power.

To keep this privileged access means trust must be maintained between these two parties. Become too critical, and certainly, the access will be interrupted or destroyed. What career prioritized (as opposed to freedom prioritized or human rights prioritized) media personnel is willing to put at risk their privileged access to power, their future career path and promotion, or their lives, for reporting truth on power that is corrupt? Corporate media’s news reporting priority becomes the priority of ‘power.’

In our climate, due to the nature of corporate media giants, we are speaking about, sometimes, even a tug of war between their agenda and powerful government’s. None of us should assume these agendas are automatically in favor of humanitarian interests, individual rights, or the general public’s empowerment into greater depths of ‘freedom’ and the pursuit of life and happiness – particularly for 300 million people. I have found revolutionaries are quite rare and they truly live with a willingness to sacrifice their career, their connections, and their lives to overthrow the enslaving and lethal stasus quo that tends to come with ‘power.’

4) Enter ‘alternative’ media, the so-called ‘fake news.’ When one begins to smell the bullshit and recognize the inconsistent reporting of truth, the normal, reasonable thing to do is to assess the situation, pay closer attention to what is being said or not said, and then do something about it. The logical thing to do is to take personal responsibility of gathering the facts on what can be accessed, begin to think on your own without the seductions of career elevation, access to power and all the various ‘privileges’ of the corporate media (closely tied to the most powerful government on earth, and I should clarify in light of technology, ever).

The ‘auto-pilot’ of the flow and consumption of the information (‘news’) coming from this ‘privileged’ and direct link found in corporate media and power needs to be ‘shut off.’ This is a call to take personal responsibility for finding truth, for vetting reliable sources and trustworthy reporting and journalism.

One will never have liberty or freedom without this personal responsibility. Alternative media is in fact an expression of taking personal responsibility. It has become quite effective and is revealing a lot of truth that the ‘establishment’ corporate media and most powerful government have kept hidden.

The truth is coming out and they hate it. Their ‘facts’ are exposed as baseless lies. Their agendas and priorities are being disrupted and challenged. For decades, ‘alternative’ media has been reporting on phenomenon such as new world order, shadow government, the growing threat of nuclear war, satanic occult child sacrifice and sex trafficking rings, dangers of immunizations medical prescription drugs, the health benefits of marijuana, and much more – all of which are now being discussed publicly in the corporate media and government.

Now, these realities are having to be addressed as never before by corporate media and the most powerful government on earth and they want to control the narrative. The alternative news is too compelling. There is too much power to lose at stake for both corporate media and the government. So they come up with a label for the dissenting, alternative voice: ‘fake news.’

In Germany, that does not have a First Amendment law as seen in the United State’s Constitution, will now press charges upon those it deems as ‘fake news.’

Due to the wide spread lack of personal responsibility in the U.S., this type of control is coming here soon. 


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