We Should All Work Together and Cooperate by Helping to Build an Arabic Islamic Caliphate in The Middle East

We should all work together and cooperate by helping to build an Arabic based and led Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East.

Not an Iranian one. That word means ‘land of Aryan.’ But rather we need to build an Arabic one.

There are many necessary reasons for this that are just too nuanced for the public. I know, the Iranian one is filled with ‘terrorists.’ They hate America and Israel.

It’s true America overthrew their government in 1953 and ruined a lot of oil futures for our private corporations – that’s never right. 

Iran just needs to forgive and forget. They shouldn’t let fear dominate their lives. And for the 1988 Iranian flight 655 that killed nearly 300 civilians. Our beloved Vice President at the time said:

“I will never apologize for the United States — I don’t care what the facts are… I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.” – George H. W. Bush, Aug 2, 1988.

So they can just get over history. Stop living in the past.
Still, there is more.

I know, I know, the Arabic Sunni Islamic Caliphate is just superior. It is rooted in Saudi Arabia. That’s where the Kaaba exists anyway. ‘Kaaba’ is the Arabic word for ‘black box’ which is a cube.

It’s a shared archetype of Saturn worship found in ancient times and in black magic alchemy. It predates the founder of Islam, Mohammad. Something we can all rally around.

All 1.6 Billion Muslims should make a pilgrimage there once a year if they can afford it. If you feel you need to respond to God’s call on your life to convert to Islam, maybe you can make the journey too.

There is just a complete misunderstanding about the nation of Saudi Arabia and version of Islam. The same holds for Turkey.

Since, September 11, 2001, even though 15 of 19 alleged Sunni jihadists were from Saudi Arabia, we have found Saudi Arabia very cooperative on intelligence gathering.

Turkey has been a rising NATO star too. We shouldn’t let ISIS camps and offices found there, operating freely throughout that nation cause us concern. War is confusing – we’ve all experienced confusing times before. 

Nonetheless, we’re thrilled about this cooperation because 9/11 is the very reason we mobilized into the Middle East 14 years ago – into Iraq, to take out the not so faithful Sunni Saddam Hussein, who rebuilt pagan shrines like the temple of Ishtar who we said was supporting terrorists. We never forget – that’s true – but now we are taking names.

The terrorists that attacked us on 9/11 were all Sunni Muslims, none of whom were known for or linked to non-Muslim type of activity at all such as building ancient temples and palaces of Arabic deities and rulers who told everyone they were in fact God.

The same cooperation could be said of Sunni Kuwait, Sunni Jordan, and Sunni Pakistan and Sunni UAE – they’ve all been very supportive and helping to root-out ‘terrorists’ hiding under Muslim banners, names, slogans and flags. We all can appreciate ‘teamwork.’

Furthermore, their unified voice helps the world understand when a personal jihad is really ‘fake’ and when a Caliphate cannot or shouldn’t be trusted.

We truly thought Sunni Egypt was with us and have no idea why they are rejecting, more and more, us and the Islamic Brotherhood. But as we have found out with our own, Putin brings a lot of seduction and enticements.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t take us away from the strange similarities all of these share that often send the wrong message about Sunni Islam. So we will address on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Suffice it to say, Al Qaeda, ISIS and Saudi all may kill people who convert out of Islam, people who decide they don’t believe in this religion anymore. All 3 kill homosexuals and are highly restrictive of women – we shouldn’t judge and it’s only right they stick to their principles anyway. 

And since we don’t know much of the nuances of Islam, we’ll just call ISIS and al Qaeda ‘fake’ Islam anyway, even if there are videos all over the place of men taking time to praise the name of their God while they fire weapons or cut throats of their prisoners. It is mindless detail.

The Saudi royal family is clearly a high authority on Islam. They have assured us on their official website that The Prophet, The Quran and Sharia Law make up their laws – they say these are their constitution. They are principled people that the Middle East needs. So them, along with their partners provide the clarity we all need in times like these. 

As Americans, we left the royal theocracies of Europe long ago through our forefathers. They ended up inventing the 1st Amendment restricting the government from establishing religion among the masses.

While government is legally striped of the ability to establish religion is something good for us, we believe it’s very healthy for the Arabs and the entire Middle East. They need God.

They need to live for something higher than themselves. It has such a long history there and we need to honor good traditions.

So let’s all continue to cooperate through any means necessary to establish a strong Arabic Sunni Islamic Caliphate. 

Teamwork! The world is more beautiful together! Stay positive, it only gets better from here! Dissenting voices should be contained or eliminated. It slows the positive momentum down. 


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