Easter Brings Paradox

Jesus is God, Jesus is man. The death and the resurrection. The just will live by faith. The sinner is a saint. The saint is a sinner. The horror of the Roman crucifix would stand as a sign of hope. Those nearest to God  would not be the ones who did the greatest religious things, it would be those who had the greatest faith. The weak are the strong. The last is first. In devastation there is renewal. In humiliation there is no shame. Knowledge acquisition is not necessarily faith building.

Along these lines, I remember several years ago reading and hearing about all the scandal related and tied to the founding Pastor of the Seattle based church known as Mars Hill. 

His name is Mark Driscoll. He recently started a new church in Phoenix, Arizona. Time will tell how his church will play out.

But the paradox of the Kingdom is that greatness is not found in the great things a mortal does for God but in the greatness of faith that human has for God. How much faith is great? Well, Jesus taught if you want quantifiable measurements, the size of a mustard seed is a good place to begin.

His statement and real world analogy to a ‘mustard seed’ is intended to expose how uncommon it is for any human to even have the smallest amount of faith in God. This is why, compared to so many humans on earth, it is rare that we find a truly great man or woman of God. 

One former Pastor who is not as well known, Willie Will, worked for the once discredited Mark Driscoll. Mr. Will was an Associate Pastor who committed adultery and was fired. His career track changed too and he had suprising things to say about his church, career and faith journey.



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