Who Is Fueling The Drive To Wage War Against Russia? 

American media omits entirely the links to the primary voices fueling the Neocon-Jewish hatred of Russia.

The history is lengthy, but in a nutshell, historic ideologies are pushing us unchallenged to nuclear annihilation. All other issues are simply mute until this is addressed. I am not really optimistic however, as social and economic justice activists have widely succumbed to sexual revolution, becoming too distracted with sexual liberation movements and festivities to focus on the greater issue of social liberation. 

As the openly gay Mayor of Berlin said a couple of years ago, ‘we’re poor but sexy.’ And it seems that is all that matters. The oligarchs love this distraction and, like Berlin, it’s all over America. 

I doubt seriously that most Americans would approve of this high stakes game of nuclear war if they actually had some grasp of the history, players and the true risk of nuclear holocaust.

Despite recent stock market rises with the new US President now in office, America is broke with a $20 Trillion debt of fiat currency. One has to wonder what motivation would the privately run Federal Reserve have to bank roll untold trillions for the largest US miltary build up since World War 2?

I have worked with a lot of business men and investors in my career and there always must be ‘incentives’ and beneficial reasons in order to put money behind something and provide financial backing.

It may not be out of the rim of possibilities, that with a huge suicidal debt of our magnitude, nuclear annihilation, to wipe it all away could be a part of the overall strategy.

Robert Kagan and Zbigniew Brezinksy are among the primary voices fueling the push for a conflict. They have been working on this for years. Both are experts at demonizing the Russians. 

Brezinksy points out the need for nations to have political will and miltary power often in his lectures in order to advance causes. Clearly the US has a will and a miltary response mechanism and it’s not Russian tampering with US elections fueling this as there is no evidence or Russian aggression as NATO has surrounded Russia.

The miltary build up has been going on for several years anyway and Putin has been saying ‘we are threatened’ for several years – long before the elections.

George Soros is certainly manipulating things behind the scene, but nearly no confrontation to counter Kagan or Brezinksy are ever made.

Who is Robert Kagan? He is the Greece born son of the well known Peloponnesian War history professor, formerly at Yale and Cornell, who is a Jewish Lithuanian born immigrant, Donald Kagan. Robert Kagan is the husband of Jewish Ukrainian descent, Victoria Nuland, who was a President Obama Ambassador to the EU who pushed for a Ukrainian coup to install a US supported gov’t in 2014. The whole family loves war, analyzing and advocating for it – and they always need non-Jews to fight their wars. The percentage of Jews who fight in American wars these guys dream up is proportionately small.

And of course, when we are talking about the Federal Reserve or the IMF, we are not talking about randomly selected people, we are talking about Jewish banking cartels to fund all of it, through usury.

Robert Kagan is a vocal activist for US supremacy in the world and advocate of war to ensure it.

Most Americans would not be familiar with the long history of Eurasian geopolitics and Russia. 
Poland and Lithuania factor quite significantly in terms of Eurasian history and Russia, particularly, during the last 500 years.

These two countries were once united under the same king from 1569–1795, called the Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth.

It endured, often, oversight from Russia and, at times, attacked Russia, even invading Moscow.
The Commonwealth was known to have a high saturation of Jews, primarily stemming from widescale mass redistribution of Jews from Eurasia to the region. It was known that roughly a 40% Jewish population existed for hundreds of years there.

During the last 2,000 years, Jews have been banished from 100 different countries or kingdoms. 

Ultimately, Austria, Russia and Prussia decided to break up this Commonwealth over a series of 3 partitionings that made Poland a part of Russia.

During one of the Russian resettlement of Jews, Ukraine was a selected area. Many of the Jews of Poland would be from either a working class or a privileged class – this was long before a ‘middle class’ designation was invented. Yet, during these type of resettlements, Russians would not extend ‘privileged’ courtesies or statuses to any Jews.

Poland would once again reclaim independence from Russia at the end of World War 1 when the Jewish led Bolshevick Revolution was ripping apart Russia and led to the establishment of the Soviet Union.

Then came World War 2. Germany and Russia both shared oversight and occupation of Poland at the onset of the war.

German/Prussian/Russian shared interests of Poland was repeated through this 500 year history.

Zbigniew Brezinsky was born during the final years of World War 2, and so was the senior Kagan, and he has publicly stated that the Russians have robbed him and his childhood of a nation. He can be seen here painting Russia and Putin in a negative light. He’s been doing it for years. 

Brezinsky has two children too who have shaped the EU and American perspectives. Mika, his daughter, has been the co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC for years. Zbigniew’s son, Ian, worked under President George W. Bush as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and NATO policy. He has another son, Mark, who served as Ambassador to Sweden under President Obama. Ian can be seen here twisting facts to paint Russia in an ‘aggressor’ mold about Ukraine, to stay consistent with his father.

Brezinskys, the Kagans, Nuland, Soros – they are all Jewish all representing the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergs, Tri-lateral Commission, The RAND Corporation and the Deep State of the US led by the CIA – groups and agendas hardly any American voted for, or, much less, are aware of – and when nuclear annihilation comes, they will be stripped of life or loved ones and wonder: ‘all for what?’

Members from these groups have expressed goals to balkanize Russia into 3 different regions. I doubt most Americans would believe the stakes of nuclear annihilation would be worth this. 

There is a recent interview of Vladimir Putin and Bloomberg, the primary media outlet of the Bilderberg group. Putin is ridiculously pushed on the question of Crimea and Putin quips back, ‘you don’t want World War 3, do you?’

In light of the history of World War 2 and the Jewish Holocaust brought about by Nazi Germany, why has there been near utter silence from the Jewish community about the US and Ukrainian backing of Nazis in our times as the Nazis slaughter and attempt to cleanse the land of ethnic Russians in Ukraine? Could you imagine the outrage if Texans and Californians did this to Mexicans? 

Why, with all the ‘minority’ rights campaigns led by Jews in the West, why is there hardly a bark of protest that the US backed Ukrainian government outlawed speaking Russian of its citizens, which includes significant areas of 50% or more of Russian speakers?

All in all, these are a few of the major taking points, a little context and some astute questions missing from Western corporate media as it relates to this new Russian challenge.

This is much more than a modern day struggle. It goes back centuries and it is a part of deep seated ideologies of global positioning and conquest. Now it is at your expense and could cost you everything, even your life. 


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