Who Can Wage War With The Beast? 

The photo above is from a newly, 21st Century made, German army vehicle. Just below it is from a recent Russian army parade. The cross that they bear is important and both armies want you to know they are important. 

As we are staring at the coming nuclear exchange between Russia and China versus the US and possibly the UK, there is an important narrative hardly being discussed at all, yet, it is taking place before our very eyes.

The coming war will not be conventional as is being projected widely, especially to Americans, who are the primary suppliers of Germany/Europe/NATO’s largest miltary build up in Eastern Europe, not just since the Cold War, but since World War 2.

The goal in this coming conflict is to wipe out American power and global supremacy and, thereby, take control over all of their miltary armament already shipped to Eurasia after the US has been decimated and reshaped by a nuclear holocaust.

It will save billions, if not trillions, of dollars that would otherwise be required to build this huge stock themselves. Plus, it will provide them a basis to continue to enhance war technology and policing power over the populations they seek to conquer.

America should have ceased all American tax payer subsidies long ago. We are not building schools, hospitals and other necessities or pleasantries for Europe, we are building the miltary of a ruthless empire bent on total control. 

‘Holocaust,’ is a Jewish word which means, ‘whole burnt offering.’ It is a religious term which means to offer a gift, entire lives, or, in this case, a whole civilization to a deity. It is an act of worship. What god would find this type of activity honorable or pleasing? America is the next holocaust, or ‘whole burnt offering.’ It will be considered ‘worth it’ by the surviving world.

Following such a horrific ordeal, the world will be traumatized into surrendering and submitting to the planned new order. 

German ‘Kaiser’ and Russian ‘Czar’ are two words directly drawn from the Roman ‘Caesar.’ The crosses posted on the tanks seen above boast of the deeply held ideologies of old which still exist today. They represent the power of Rome. 

Nearly every talking point in American news today is a distraction. 

Germany and Russia are two nearly 1,000 year old branches, vying for power and influence, of what became known as the Holy Roman Empire. Germany represents the ‘Western’ more liberal branch. Russia represents the ‘Orthodox’ side. 

It will be impossible to understanding our times without knowing this piece – and, there are several pieces to this puzzle to know. 

What is coming will be as strong as iron, but mixed with clay, holding a degree of fragility among strong empires. Many will say, ‘Who can make war with this beast?’

Here is another take on the development of these times:


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