‘Informing People Can Annoy Those Who Should Be Annoyed’

That title is a great quote in the following interview with John Pilger being asked, “How’s the motivation going to continue to make these films that are designed to annoy people?”

Pilger is a true ‘prophetic’ voice in our times. The ‘prophetic’ voice is missing from so many sources one might expect to find it such as in various institutions like schools, corporate media, churches. 

I love the interchange between this unidentified interviewer, from FilmQuote Compile, around Pilger’s latest documentary film, The Coming War on China, which reveals his heart and keen awareness of reality and our times.

While the new U.S. President, Donald Trump, seems to be pushing for reducing the prospects of a war with Russia, he has certainly and oddly, as this interview points out, been beating the war drums against China more so than did his predecessor.

Anyone can learn from his intent and example through the years in his reporting and documentary, but Christians in particular, can and need to learn from him in addressing much of what is transpiring in American culture as never before. 

John says of his films, “I think all of my work has been about the imposition of power upon ordinary people.”

At 77 years old he continues, “The greatest power in the world in my life time has been the United States.” Pilger has made a long career of reporting on and exposing ‘power.’

For those, especially Christians, who need a reminder of the importance of this aspect of your worship of and following Jesus, let me briefly direct you to the call of Jesus himself, where he said: “We no longer worship God in a limited space like a mountain or a holy city, but God seeks true worshippers, those who worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4)

In the spirit of the Old Testament prophets, I leave you to this interview always remembering:

What is it that God requires of you? To do justice and love mercy and walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)

Words spoken to the covenant people of God, Israel, during one of numerous times they had lost their way.


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