The Saturn Way: We Are All Going To War, It’s Chaos Before Regeneration.

‘Look into my star, my precious. It’s so precious.’

While that might be a picture of Adolf Hitler shaking hands with the German Chancellor von Hindenburg, it seems as if all of those ‘precious’ stars or Saturn depictions were too tempting for him to resist power and destruction when the world needed peace the most, he would lead Germany to ruin the whole of Europe. 

Those are new German armored vehicles with ancient Roman crosses, by the way. They have entire train loads rolling out. If Germany is so secular, why the ancient Roman crosses on 21st Century weaponry?

Why do they have to use anything tied to the Nazis of World War 2. Maybe they really are not finished with being ‘Nazi.’ Or, maybe, like the Nazis, Germany tapped into something from the distant past they thought would unleash power and victory in their goals.

Those crosses have more to do with Roman power than they do with Jesus of Nazareth.

America too, along with much of the rest of the world, is simply oblivious to what is transpiring before their eyes day in and day out, week after week, as the US and NATO tighten boarders and weaponize Europe to its greatest levels since World War 2, but now there are nukes all over. 

That picture of Trump is an image shown worldwide as he signed more immigration restrictions (a normal component to war). 

Notice the Saturn occult upside down pentagram underneath ‘Valor’ sign with ancient mythology signs of thunderbolts of the gods with phoenix wings. 

In the middle of that star could be mistaken for ‘Lady Liberty,’ but either way, it is really, and originally, a depiction of the ancient Roman ‘Sol Invictus,’ which means ‘inconcurable sun,’ a popular ancient Roman myth tied to Saturn.

Coming off of consecutive weeks of Saturnalia festivities in February with both the 2017 Grammy Awards and the 2017 Super Bowl 51, one certainly could ask: why is all this Saturn worship important?

In a book, Esoteric Hollywood, by Jay Dyer (page 44), I  read recently, I came across this quote from a Reformed Christian philosopher, R. J. Rushdoony, commentating on Saturnalia festivities of antiquity, who wrote of the Saturn worship re-birthing ritual process:

In ancient fertility cults, which, as genetic faiths, enthroned the lowest as the primary, a ritual return to chaos, was held to be the means of social regeneration…chaos itself was the principle of regeneration. 

Saturnalia, the primitive festival, orgies, rituals involving confusion in the form of incest, bestiality or perversion, were necessary rites and means of social regeneration.

“In fact, the festival is presented as a re-enactment of the first days of the universe, the Urzeit, the eminently creative.”

He continues:

The rebirth of nature and the rebirth of society both require the return to chaos. “The festival is thus celebrated in the context of the myth and assumes the function of regenerating the real world.”

The New World Order has voiced publicly in the past that we are ‘ready’ to be born into a new era, an era of peace, order, harmony, strength in the face of terror and law of justice (‘not the law of the jungle’). 

The debauchery of Western culture which includes child sex trafficking and ritualized murder going unchecked for several decades within high government agencies, the chaos inflicted by destroying entire nations and remaining vestiges of patriotism or ancient cultural ties, the confusion of weaponizing Nazis in Ukraine or Islamic jihadists throughout the world, and the ritual performances around Saturn in entertainment venues are all pointing to the larger Saturn ritual orchestrated upon the whole of Western civilization: the plan of this NWO is to take us into deeper chaos to regenerate the entire real world, whether you are ready or not, whether you voted to do so, or not.

I just bought Girl Scout Cookies. I was shocked to notice for the first time ever (maybe it’s been this way for a while), their award badges depict ancient Saturn symbols, like militaries of the world that esteem and honor ancient Rome – a horrible power. The Girl Scouts have many badges, way more than I’m interested in knowing about.

Yet, on very popular cookies, they put these badges with arrows to help you focus, consciously or subconsciously. The ‘Gold Award’ is the highest honor award the girls can receive, ‘making a lasting difference in the world.’ In other words, ‘a new Golden Age era,’ no doubt.

The ‘Roman cross’ looking badge is an award for creating ‘common ground’ and ‘bringing people together.’ ‘Harmony,’ in other words, like the myths of the Golden Age under Saturn’s reign and the NWO aspirations that will forever be promised but never realized. 

Why do they have to pick Saturn worship symbols of all symbols? 

Then I was reminded of the astonishingly strange opening ceremony in Europe last Spring of the new longest tunnel, Gotthard Base Tunnel, 

with a host of Saturnalia and Saturn imagery associated with inducing chaos and debauchery with a view to regeneration.

In ancient Roman times, enactment on the performance stage of the ritual of the gods in order to realize the benefits in the whole of life beyond the stage was a common practice.

It is pretty safe to say now that we are headed for nuclear war. The overlords of the earth have tapped into Saturn worship in order to channel the real powers behind this theology to invoke what they offer to our reality. Nothing will be better able than nukes to be the catalyst for widescale chaos and disorder to ‘regenerate’ everything we know.

It will take insane people or people literally tapped into the demonic powers that thirst for human blood to push us into this sort of war. 

I hope you believe it’s worth it. It will be known as the ‘nuclear holocaust’ – ‘holocaust’ actually means ‘whole burnt offering,’ and is a Jewish word that connotes honor, a worthwhile price, or, to offer a ‘gift’ or an appeasing sacrifice, typically to a deity.

But somehow we have been confused or deceived into thinking that word means ‘horrific,’ so horrific, or tragic, over the loss of lives that we can ‘never forget.’

It is actually about paying a price. Offering a sacrfice. A ritual. 

Mass annihilation of any humans is horrific for any reason, but to the orchestrators, it is ‘worth it.’

Wake up. They are pushing for a nuclear holocaust from Russia and China. My guess it will happen within the next few months. 

The Occult likes May Day.


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