Whistleblowers Expose: The Nation Called ‘The U.S.A.’ That No Longer Exists

The historic distinctive of the United States of America was that it became a nation established by a body of laws known as the Constitution. Law was king, no human or human organization or sub-organization of government was king, and no king was law. We once envisioned ‘the rule of law’ and the enforcement of it was known as ‘justice.’

The White House still promotes that this body of laws is the supreme law of the land. Agreeing to and unifying around this foundational document of laws which limits the power of government is, fundamentally, what makes us American and distinct as a nation among the earth. 
For many years, I have been reporting on massive government abuses, particularly in its practice of ‘establishing’ Sharia Law loving and obeying Muslim religious groups throughout the Middle East, funding and weaponizing  it – which is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment.

Mostly my reporting has been met by ridicule, alienation or indifference. The CIA has led the way in establishing versions of Islam to unseat standing sovereign governments and, otherwise, pluralistic peaceful nations. 

Countless videos and reports are available online that show these Muslims praising the name of their God, Allah, an act of worship, when they shoot a US miltary weapon, see an explosion or even as they cut throats of men, women or children. 

The 1st Amendment is explicit, that among one of the activities the US government is barred doing, according to this supreme law of the land, is establishing religion.

Remember, this Amendment has been oft cited for removing prayers in public schools and even abolishing the pledge of allegiance! But what we are now talking about is US government employees establishing religion, Sunni Islam, where they deem appropriate and many non-complying humans including other Muslims, Christians and homosexuals have been slaughtered over the years as a result. 

Make no mistake, this is no remote accident or rare occurrence here or there. To the tune of hundreds of thousands Muslims have been organized and weaponized by the US and the CIA according to eye witness accounts. 

There are also numerous Congressional level hearings where pleas and approvals to fund, weaponize and support Muslim jihadist groups throughout the world that are made by numerous politicians, led primarily, by Senator John McCain of Arizona. These groups have included labels like ‘Moderates’ or ‘rebels.’

To date, despite such violations of the Constitution, and the resulting crimes against humanity, to the tune of hundreds of millions of people and entire nations, too few US officials or miltary personnel have spoken out against this. US officials and all miltary personnel take oaths to protect and uphold this law. Yet, its clear they too have little regard for it – no matter how many humans will die or nations destroyed. 

One Democratic US Congresswoman and miltary officer and veteran, Tulsi Gabbard, has recently considered the verifiable proof and made a special investigation of these crimes personally as it relates to Syria, initiated legislation to end the arming of these groups (if America will not listen and obey the 1st Amendment, surely it will heed this new bill!) but now she is under attack by fellow law makers and the corporate media.

Her efforts to correct this grave error in the US government rebellion is much more than many other miltary officers, soldiers and veterans who also uttered oaths to defend our Constitution have ever done. 

All of those who continue to ignore this rebellion, especially in the CIA or any individual on the US government payroll like the miltary, are now just as anti-American and anti-human as any Sunni Islamic jihadist chopping the heads off of humans while praising their God. 

At the least, the lack of response to justice, is a sign of utter abandonment of the supreme law of the land and rule of it. This mass scale abandonment means ‘America’ as Constitutionally defined no longer exists. Anything could happen now. 

Of course, none of this American rebellion is suddenly new or upon us. It has been taking place for many years even though it has not been a priority to address or prosecute. 

Along similar lines, the following 2 hour interview on the John B. Wells program, from Dallas, Texas, called Caravan To Midnight, two Texans, James and Joanne Moriarty, shed light on their personal experiences in Lybia.

The Moriarty’s have been speaking out for years and were even threatened by the CIA for speaking out about what they know.

It is utterly heart wrenching to hear how they describe Lybia before and after the removal and then murder of Muammar Gaddafi.

You can learn more from them directly in the interview here.

Thank God for the courage of John Wells for doing this interview and especially for the Moriartys.



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