The Moving Speeches Of James Woods & Oliver Stone At The 2017 Writers Guild Of America

When two impassioned, opinionated and very talented humans in their field who do not see eye-to-eye on a lot of things are put together there is no telling what will transpire.

At the 2017 Writers Guild of America, actor James Woods presents the Larurel Award for Screenwriting to Oliver Stone, not without, however, a moving introduction and reminder of the ‘gift’ a Screenwriter such as Oliver Stone can be to our culture.

Love or hate either of these men – neither are known for shying away from controversial commentary on politics, it was very moving to hear their words, very inspirational.

I will not quote much here from the video and spoil the captured moment but I will highlight brief insightful reflections made in this short 12 minute segment.

Stone reflects:

I believe the strengths that I had as a director grew, ultimately, from their writing, from being alone with myself, and finding the solitude that cuts through the materialism around us…

Not to remind you, younger writers, that you can be critical of your government and your society, you do not have to fit ‘in’…

There is more, so much more to hear and listen to and to take deep reflection upon with these few moments, but I will let the reader seek out the rest of Stone’s comments (and Mr. Woods’ too) in the video


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