Use the Enemy’s Propaganda To Reflect On Our Own Lives

There is no denying that the ‘fake news’ era is a piece of the full scale global war that is currently underway. This global war has been going on, at least, since September 11, 2001.

No one should automatically digest what is being presented daily through mainstream media or alternative media us as truth – there is too much deception that has taken priority, for whatever reason, to advance and secure the interest of a few over the mass population of the West.

Heck, do not easily consume or digest what I write! Yet, I still hope what I write points the reader in the way of truth even if it’s an unfamiliar path.

Truth must be ‘harvested’ if you want it. Nearly no one is going to spoon-feed it to you. Yet, it is still there, waiting to be picked and consumed for the few who hunger for it and it may just appear in the most unlikely sources or places. 

As one who is deeply vested and interested in spirituality, truth becomes the priority over everything. Consuming truth causes more than awakening, it produces life. 

As truth becomes diminished in the value of a society, moral decay becomes a lesser concern as well, to the extent that the society in question is challenged to assess or even see its own immorality, injustice or sin.

Self moral reflection is a major component to Christianity and spirituality. The word ‘repentance’ is tied to an ability, or lack thereof, of changing your mind about the moral status quo and ‘confess’ what is wrong.  

This is when listening to the voices of ‘outsiders,’ even our adversaries, can be an empowering catalyst for change. But it takes courage and ears to listen to see what applies and does not. Propaganda, like all forms of deception, embody elements of truth and that is exactly why it has an appealing component to humanity.

Those comfortable with the status quo have a lower value for truth because truth exposes what happens in the darkness. Beautiful, life-giving truth rarely comes from those in position of power and status. 

Nevertheless, American culture, needs critical assessment more than ever, not less. We are in troubled times, even, suicidal times as a culture.

‘How did we get to this point?’ is an excellent question, but it requires a certain degree of ‘self reflection’ on our own lives and society as opposed to pointing out the flaws of other cultures.

As Jesus of Nazareth once said: ‘Take the large plank of wood out of your own eye first so you can see better the speck of dirt in your neighbor’s eye.’

That would be appropriate in our times.

All that said, the following documentary really caught my attention. For more than a decade as a religious professional, me and many of my colleagues focused on church planting were constantly assessing our own lives and the North American culture we were engaging with spirituality.

The research consistently pointed to the power and seduction of consumerism in this culture which dulled the senses or appetite for things such as God, truth, spirituality, compassion or justice.

As at the 2:27 mark, the narrator correctly says about American orchestrators of propaganda: ‘anything that keeps the masses from organizing themselves and asking important questions about what their masters are really up to.’

This excellent documentary is North Korean propaganda made by an anonymous Korean psychologist who astutely points out many of the flaws of American culture.

One point in the video that comes through loudly about the American spiritual condition is the part where images of Americans on an Oprah Winfrey television program are seen enthusiastically celebrating, as the narrator explains, not because they found God, but because they are receiving shoes (they really don’t need).

It goes on to expose in a deeper way, than most other attempts of cultural spiritual assesments, to describe the complex strategy used by our ‘masters’ to lull the masses into this spiritual vacuum we currently find ourselves – at least for those who recognize just how lost we have become. 

This is not at all an endorsement of North Korea. In this instance, this video does cultural spiritual assessment a lot better than many other attempts I have seen. The video definitely ‘dwarfs’ what one could normally find in prosperity gospel centers like Dallas/Ft. Worth or Houston, Texas. 

I commend this documentary to you, but it is up to you to ‘harvest’ the truth. If you want American society to reconnect with spirituality, you’ll have to do at least this diligent of a job in assessing our culture.

A spiritual awakening will not be realized through political means as many assume and prioritize their efforts – especially to a nation that has lost its soul.


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