The Christian Holocaust

‘Holocaust,’ means ‘whole burnt offering.’ In a religious sense it is the act of offering a gift or sacrifice to a deity. What deity would joyfully embrace and receive the ‘gift’ of mass human sacrifice? What human would believe offering mass human bloodshed to a god is the honorable thing to do? 

It’s refreshing to see this news report from an Israeli source shedding light on this topic. What is strange is that this butchery has spiked in the last 8 years and US corporate media is owned and run by about by about 500 mostly Jewish men and this phenomenon is widely unnoticed. 

They could have brought much more attention to a lot sooner.

I became aware of the phenomenon around 2010 when I began working on a global project and I started meeting people known as Muslim background Christians from numerous different Islamic nations and communities. 

Most Christians in West who heard of this phenomenon did not do much. Maybe they prayed or sent some money to help out a few charities, but that doesn’t stop the spread of the ideology or the weaponizing of it.

I wonder what is motivating the Israeli news source to get this out now.


One thought on “The Christian Holocaust”

  1. Any cult or “religion” that requires human sacrifice is demonic.

    Yes, Christians are being slaughtered. But, those who control the mainstream media do not care as this does not fit their politically correct and anti-Christian narrative.


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