Fun Fact: 2017 Grammy Awards Saturn Worship Symbolism 

Red glowing hexagons and much more are clear symbols hardly noticed continously, but it’s in plain view.

David Bowie’s, Black Star music video is choreographed occultic ritual around a song with another name for Saturn in the occultic world.

Saturn’s ancient Temple still sits next to St. Peter’s Bascilica in the Vatican City of Rome. Rome was formerly called, Saturnia.

The god, Saturn, was known as a devourer of children, according to comparative mythological researcher, David Talbott. This god required mass human sacrifice and bloodshed.

Why is this being celebrated from the arts?

With so much Saturn symbolism in world governments and their militaries, along with known pedophilia and child sacrifice rings particularly in the West, one has to wonder if their is a possible bloodlust connection.

The Nazi Party tapped into the occult experienced in Thule Society to power their conquest of the world. Is this model now being implemented in America in partnership with the direct ethnic descendents found in the ancient city of Saturnia?

Learn more about the mainstream use of Saturn symbols and image here.


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