Theological Symbolism Behind The NWO Super Bowl 51 Presentation Of Saturn Worship To The World

The 2017 Super Bowl has come and gone. Since football has been a life long love of mine, it’s easy for me to fall into post season dull drums that not even March Madness cures and I’m not really a baseball fan.

The final game of the season is such a climatic rally that more than 100 million people took time to watch this huge event.

I wrote a few days prior to it about what I thought the New World Order hosted and orchestrated Super Bowl 51 was going to present to us (read more about it here).

Nearly 2 times the amount of people who voted in the 2016 US Presidential elections took several hours to watch the Super Bowl. The event is too big not to exploit with a huge captive for several hours.

As is quite easy to predict nowadays, overt Saturn imagery and symbolism at huge sports or modern ‘pop’ musical events has become a pattern for the leaders and collaborators of the NWO.

I must say, they did not disappoint or hold back this time around. It is quite clear that their selected deity, at least for now, is Saturn.

Yet, hopefully, both clarity and discernment of their plan will become more apparent after reading this post. So, we will explore, briefly, the mythology and theology of Saturn here and learn a little about:

  • Who Saturn was?
  • Why was he worshiped by humanity?
  • What is Saturn imagery and symbolism?
  • What is the NWO and Saturn mythology connection?

One cannot grasp what is transpiring before our very eyes without knowing the historical context of Saturn and an accounting of it as seen through this post or other presentations like this. The use of occultic mythology and powers should seriously give us pause in light of the history of WW2 and our current global violence as seen in organized warfare, particularly coming from the US.

There is ample evidence and available history, for example, on the occultic influences of Freemasonry, the Illuminati and Nazi Germany – even high level federal professional investigators attesting to the phenomenon for decades.

In fact, nearly 2 decades prior to the outbreak of WW2, Adolf Hitler was being groomed to take over the Nazi Party. One of the founders of that political party was Dietrich Eckhart, a member of the Catholic Church, journalist, and poet and a student of the occult through Thule Society, the source ideology for the Nazis for a purified Aryan race. Eckhart also had ties to Helena Blavatsky, a Russian occultist, medium or channeler.

Ekhart was a primary influence on Hitler and had to say this about him in 1923 on his death bed:

“Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. I have initiated him into the ‘Secret Doctrine,’ permed his centers in vision and given him the means to communicate with the Powers. Do not mourn for me: I shall have influenced history more than any other German.”

‘Occult’ simply means to hide knowledge. So, one does not necessarily need to be a Satan worshiper to participate in occultic activity. I do believe, however, human and non-human entities are hard at work hiding knowledge that points humanity to the knowledge of life, truth and God, while simultaneously enslaving and killing humans on a mass scale. Often, the gods or demons in the occult require human sacrifice and blood shed in exchange of power!

Nearly 90 years later, researchers are investigating the past and marveling at the superior warfare technology the Nazis had over everyone else and, more and more, are concluding that information was being fed to humans by non-human actors to develop tools of destruction and subjugation.

It is very interesting to note that many of the Nazi scientists were not punished or imprisoned for crimes against humanity but incorporated into, both, US and Soviet governments, to continue their work.

The Nazis and Germany did incorporate numerous images and symbols of Saturn.

Of course, the Catholic Church, which has deep historic ties to Saturn worship, was a very influential part of German culture and politics for centuries. Below is a classic picture of Adolf Hitler shaking hands with the German President Paul von Hindenburg. Saturn symbolism is evident on numerous badges and medals on Hindenburg.

It is not necessarily my opinion that the top eschalon within the NWO are into worshiping a planet, though some of the participants may be. Even some of the spokespersons or advocates for the Saturn ‘way’ may simply be mercenaries for the cause. They like the pay or prestige and that is about it. Who knows?

Others, to be sure, are channeling the non-human entities behind Saturn worship and want global Saturn worship for what he represents in the mythology.  But most importantly to keep in mind is that people do have ideological beliefs rooted in religion and theology and they act on those beliefs. One cannot conclude that religions are always harmless.

When it comes to signs and symbols there may be no greater value or importance for them in any other human organization than in religion. At the same, they are effective at communicating image and ideology in ways that garner less criticism and scrutiny than doctrines or worded confessional statements.

So it is with the NWO and it uses the familiarity, symbolism, mysticism, intrigue and allure Saturn worship provides them so that they can actually be like gods in our world and, part of their goal, includes that you will help out by submitting to them like the rulers and Ceasars of old.

They need you to believe in their order and cause. They want your tax dollars to power all that they represent and do. They will need others to fight their wars and police their domain – perhaps, that will be you, your children or grandchildren. They need followers in order to be more and more empowered to maintain their god-like position. They will work diligently to dream up or provide you reasons to do so, no matter how unethical or immoral it will be – even if it means helping to create a crisis to traumatize the masses into submission and alignment. This is what humanity bent on power does.

They have a religious movement like Saturn worship to point everyone else towards so they can present a false sense of humility publicly while deflecting attention and public focus away from themselves as they seize more power from the less knowledgeable or uninformed.

And most disturbingly, if in fact we are talking about Saturn worship, then we are talking about the need for human blood sacrifice and bloodshed.

As I have pointed out before in earlier posts, ‘holocaust’ means ‘whole burnt offering.’ In a religious sense, it is an act of giving a gift or sacrifice, usually, to a god. What god would find joy and gladness in receiving an offering of mass annihilation of people? What humans would be glad and honored to offer such a ‘gift?’

Who exactly was Saturn? 

Ancient comparative mythological researcher and ‘electric universe’ proponent  (this actually factors into Saturn worship as this too will become more evident as I continue to explain), David Talbott, has many beautifully fascinating things to share about Saturn and yet still recognizes, profoundly, that Saturn worship had a dark side and concludes (at about the 34:25 mark) in his reflection on Saturn:

“It’s almost impossible to believe that ancient people sacrificed their own children, whether literally or symbolically, to the planet god, Saturn.

Saturn was remembered as the devourer of children…

In the face of evidence that cannot be denied, the reasonable course is to bring the catastrophic source of these memories into the light of day.”

Talbott, in addition to being a researcher on comparative mythologies, is a researcher and proponent of the controversial position: an electrically charged and propelled universe.

Talbott and physicist, Wallace Thornhill, together, research and analyze forensic data and evidence in ancient human writings, geographic and geological sources along with evidence as seen in NASA planetary imagery that the cosmos is electrically charged and influenced.

And as Talbott points out in his research, the Saturn mythology, ruled over the Golden Age of humanity where, even ancient observers reflecting back on the mythologies of that era, understood it as a coveted era.

Theses two researchers follow and expound upon the controversial theories of Immanuel Velikovsky, author of the 1950’s era US best seller book, Worlds In Collision.

Velikovsky, a colleague of Albert Einstein, was a Jewish-Russian comparative mythological researcher who turned the established science community upside-down with his claims about the changing positions of the planets Venus, Mars and Saturn. Velikovsky reported that Saturn dominated the sky in the earliest recorded human epoch.

I should interject here, that despite popular acclaim rooted in factual evidence, the science and government communities largely rejected these theories, and still do. But reflecting back on the deep, penetrating subversive infiltration of the occult into American government and culture, I believe the occultic community had compelling reasons to censor and keep this information hidden from the masses.

Human testimony is evidence. It should be explored even ancient testimony about ancient events, just as the human eye witness testimony, the accounts of those closest to a crime or occurrence, are among the most important pieces of evidence in any legal human court.

To underscore one of my primary points, the occultic NWO already believes in Saturn and they are acting on those beliefs. They control much of the government and science community anyway and they want this information buried but will manifest what they want about Saturn, when they want, including Olympic games, cities such as Astana or Super Bowls.

Below, the Lady Gaga Super Bowl performance casts a glow throughout the stadium red like a NASA satellite image depicts Saturn.

Television news programs now project a similar Saturn symbol depiction as much as possible.

Prior to the cataclysmic event of Saturn, the planet was fixed and positioned much closer to the earth.

From the view of humanity, Saturn was fixed in the center of the sky.  It was during the ancient time known as the Golden Age. The ‘fixed’ position is depicted through ancient symbolism as sitting on a ‘fixed’ pole, stand, stairway, ladder or tied up by a rope while resting on a table.

The ancient epochs and narratives about Saturn describe it as follows:

  • The exemplary sun
  • The superior sun
  • Ruler of the center of the sky
  • The great wheel turning in the sky
  • The best sun.

The core idea kept returning to Saturn as the axis of the universe.

Talbott elsewhere reports on the various names used around the ancient world about the identity of Saturn:

“And yet the profile of the great ‘sun gods’ presents a fascinating dilemma. During the past century several authorities noticed that Greek and Latin astronomical texts show a mysterious confusion of the ‘Sun’ – Greek Helios, Latin Sol – with the outermost planet, Saturn. Though the designation seems bizarre, the expression ‘star of Helios’ or ‘star of Sol’ was applied to Saturn! Of the Babylonian star- worshippers the chronicler Diodorus writes: ‘To the one we call Saturn they give a special name, ‘Sun-Star.’

Similarly, the Greek historian Nonnus gives Kronos as the Arab name of the ‘sun,’ though Kronos meant only Saturn and no other celestial body. Hyginus, in listing the planets, names first Jupiter, then the planet ‘of Sol, others say of Saturn.’ A Greek ostrakon, cited by the eminent classicist, Franz Boll, identifies the Egyptian sun god Ra, not with our sun, but with the planet Saturn.”

So, Saturn, is actually the other gods we hear or read about so frequently from history. Ra, Kronos, Sol, Helios, Saturn are the same god. He also includes gods from far east Asia as well.

Finally, the ancient symbols of Saturn do not reflect only one object. They reflect 3 – an alignment of 3 planets. This unique alignment and positioning of 3 planets, Mars, Venus and Saturn had shaped the ancients understanding of the gods. Their stories of the gods are the stories of the celestial bodies. At the center of Saturn was the eye in the sky, Mars against the glowing, sparkling ‘comet’ now known as the planet Venus.

Why was Saturn Worshiped in Ages Past?

The electric universe researchers contend that Saturn was once much closer to the earth than it is now. It was during the Golden Age that Saturn reigned supreme above all other gods. While Saturn had a dark side of human sacrifice and catastrophic thunderbolts shot throughout the planets including the earth, his reign contained many human benefits.

Many mythologies speak of humans living as gods with very long life, that peace and prosperity reigned and harmony existed among the earth. But something happened.

Humans became evil and violent. Saturn became angered and struck the earth with thunderbolts and distanced himself from the earth. Yet, human benefits of this god appear unanimous around the ancient world.

Talbott summarizes the Golden Age mythology in terms of what life was like:

  • (Humanity) lived like gods without sorrow of heart.
  • Remote and free of toil.
  • Long age.
  • Abundant fruit.
  • Peace on earth with many good things.
  • Men did what was right.
  • No distinction between slave or free – no class warfare.
  • All wealth held in common.
  • Unparalleled justice reigned under Saturn.

Talbott and Thornhill havea video documentary called, Thunderbolts of the Gods. Many of the photos in this post are taken from this work. You can learn more about their work and project at ThunderboltsProject.

Nevertheless, this summary of the Golden Age under the reign of Saturn is very important to know when we are listening to what the evangelists for the NWO are saying.

As Talbott has found in his research, ancient commentators of Saturn described life under Saturn in the following ways:

“According to Macrobius, in the reign of Saturn there was no distinction between freedom and slavery (Saturnalia I. 7. 26) and all wealth was held in common (I. 84). Cf. Pompeius Trogus in Justin, bk. 43: “Saturn is said to have been so just that no one under him was a servant, nor did anyone have any private possessions, but all things were held in common and undivided, as if the inheritance of one belonged to all.” On Saturn’s reign in Italy, see Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Antiquitates Romanorum I. 36. 1; Vergil, Fourth Eclogue also, The Aeneid 11. 252 Silius Italicus 3. 84; 13, 63; 17. 380. Martial, Epigrams 63. Macrobius, SaturnaliaVII. 26.]. “

It is astonishingly close to the values espoused by the advocates for Communism in the 20th Century. Macrobius was a 5th Century Roman. Dionysius of Halicarnassus, was from Greece and worked as a historian-mythologist in Rome under the reign of Caeser Augustus.

Romans believed they were direct descendents of the God Saturn. Has this ideology been eradicated or is it still operating under the surface while coming into plain view?

Some final points about the close proximity of Saturn during a former era of humanity.

NASA released satellite images of Saturn and the North Pole of Saturn to the public. The North Pole photos revealed something long known in the occultic world.

The North Pole cloud and gas movement forms a hexagonal shape (or a cube which is a cross dimensional geometric expression of the hexagon). Under the right lighting, it projects a red and black glow.

The occult has long practiced connecting with Saturn through the medium of a black cube, incorporating shapes long known to be on top of Saturn before NASA took the photos of the poles. We are seeing in our day a resurgence of the black cube or box moving from religion into consumerism.

The Kaaba of Islam, found in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, existed long before Islam. Kaaba simply means ‘black box.’

The yellow line drawn in the satellite image of Saturn is the popularly known Israeli or Jewish star. The is no biblical record of a star associated with the Jews. For the occult, it is the center of that star which is most significant: the hexagon, or cube.

Knowledge of these spectacular shapes prior to satellite imaging technology, on the top of Saturn’s pole would only be possible if Saturn was much closer to earth than it is today.

And as for Middle East influences, the images of Islam seen worldwide depict almost exactly ancient Saturn images and it’s not just in the Kaaba.

Previously shown, the ancient Saturn image can be seen here in these ancient depictions of from Kuwait, North America and around the world, from long before Islam existed:

It is said within Islam, all the world was once ‘Islamic.’ Islam means ‘submission.’ Are the ancient epocs really telling us all the world was once submitted to Saturn?

Many mosques around the world have either an enclosed or open crescent celestial tip on top of the minaret. ‘Minaret,’ simply means lighthouse. Is this an invention of Saturn’s light long before Allah co-opted the association?

Below here, the Super Bowl 51 half-time Lady Gaga performance turns the entire football stadium into a spiraling image of Saturn and black box with a flaming phoenix coming down for a landing. Few humans knew they were a part of a religious ritual built upon Saturn worship.

It just so happens, however, that truth, justice, vulnerability, transparency and intimacy are all interconnected. They are all constantly needed in order to experience humanity fully. And they are primary components needed for true empathy which reaches the weakest of humanity. Without these, the human is without soul and is rendered a zombie like robot.

What is Saturn Imaging and Branding? 

If we have learned anything about consumerism in our times, it is the power and, therefore, the value of image or brand recognition. Consumerism really has very little to do with the true human experience but certainly makes us feel good. If we buy or consume a product, the mere sight of a brand’s label can trigger positive memories and make us feel very good, reinforcing the likelihood of a repeat purchase and consumption.

Many years ago, BMW auto maker, in North America, had a year long advertising campaign which promised god-like abilities of not just making very good cars, but making ‘joy.’

How often are we seeing brand logos being thrusted before our eyes, especially at sports events (especially NASCAR) in order to impact us with image and message? Marketers have tapped into the power of religion and of the gods.

The NWO utilizes this technique and they are leveraging consumerist branding techniques at just about every opportunity they can to condition and prepare the masses for what is approaching in the very near future.

Perks offered to the masses through this Saturn religious expression include: a quest for world peace and harmony, a fellowship of common goals and interest built around consumerism, strong miltary and law enforcement, beautiful and talented artists and musical performers, enhanced allure of sexuality and sexual endulgences, entertainment, pharmaceuticals and pharmacology, good vibes, or in the words of Lady Gaga, ‘we’re here to make you feel good’ ritualism – predictable patterns for living and worship but none of able to bring spiritual rebirth.

To be American today, and historically, in a real sense, means to be a ‘rebel.’ The United States and the Declaration of Independence were strategic reactions to usurp power and authority. However, strangely, the US long ago was secretly infiltrated and co-opted by the NWO groups to help power their goals forward.

The NWO knows they have a formidable challenge in capturing the hearts and minds of Americans with their ‘rebel’ bent. So they did not just work subversively in the political domain.

They have infiltrated existing religions, educational systems, the miltary, police agencies, the entertainment industry, consumerism/the marketplace, and healthcare – all of those things that help make us feel good.

Without question, the movie screen and the television along with huge music and sports events are excellent opportunities to sear Saturn symbols into the public’s mind.

This Walmart picture below is no advertisement but I have included it to show the use of Saturn branding. How often do you see Walmart or Sam’s advertisement?

The masses are already tied, in such depth, in some form or fashion, to this NWO, that risk already exists in raising questions or even discussing what is actually taking place before our very eyes.

The branding of Saturn seems to be appearing everywhere from a host of different sectors such as government, religion, the marketplace and entertainment.

The NASA image, which has a huge base of operations in Houston, Texas, is more about Saturn than anything else as seen with the blue sphere and the red ring.

Super Bowl 51 took place right next door to the Astrodome, of the Houston Astros, the Major League Baseball team, which depicts the ancient image of Saturn in its external design.

What is the NWO and Saturn mythology connection?

Because what ‘is’ coming will be so dramatic, so cataclysmic, so destructive, it will be greatly traumatizing for the masses that the masses will be desperate for leaders who seem to have a good plan to move forward, ‘progress,’or ‘evolve.’
The traumatized masses will find comfort in the ‘familiar’ patterns, signs and symbols, the sound bites tied to those images, and will be more prone to compliance, submission, obedience in chaotic times. The masses will discover a soothing aspect with what is and will continue to be presented by the NWO groups.

I have worked as a professional evangelist within Christianity for nearly 15 years, though I’m disillusioned by most of Christianity’s dysfunctional and fraudulent models. I tend to be highly sensitized to evangelism even when it is manifested in different religions. And, perhaps, due to my professional background, I can recognize evangelism strategies rather quickly. There are a lot of messaging strategies being employed within our society telling me that I’m in need of something ‘good’ or ‘better.’

There is no coincidence that religions, especially Christianity and mega-churches attempt to use large stadium venues with loud musical performances to draw the masses ‘in.’ It helps make everyone feel really good. This is drastically different than what often happened with Jesus of Nazareth, the founder of Christianity, when he was among the crowds. They frequently became angry and wanted to kill him. Eventually, they did!

I am also keenly aware of how, more often than not, evangelism, especially from religion, offers sensational claims in its message with horrible solutions to the suffering and problems that persist among humanity. Consumerism and pharmacology, with their own set of limitations and flaws, cannot offer soul or spiritual rebirth and the NWO is keenly aware of this.

Most might call this ‘corporatized,’ formulaic, mechanical or insincere. I would agree and my recommendation is to stay clear of those religious organizations – they have nothing to offer anyone, anywhere.

Let me briefly define evangelism here. ‘Evangelism’ is good news messaging. The key word in evangelism is ‘angel.’ Most all of us love the thought of angels. ‘Angel,’ simply means, ‘messenger.’ Add the ‘ev’ to the beginning, then you have ‘good messaging.’

The same is true for the NWO, they have tapped into a ‘model’ that has worked in the past (at least towards their aim) in order to organize the masses, who will be deeply traumatized by catastrophe, into a system global government and control.

They are already proclaiming their ‘good news’ to the world.

They also know, because they are great students of detail, human behavior and history, while the masses are less knowledgeable, that they will not be successful if it is merely political. It must be religious and militarized too. They need to see familiar religious leaders and enforcement promoting this new order, or era, as well.

Their goal in ‘secularlizing’ culture was only an attempt at a wide scale strategy, primarily aimed at universities, seminaries and through media outlets, centers of thought and messaging, to deconstruct long established and deeply valued religions in order to reduce the competitive barriers among and the fidelity found in those various religions

In my previous post about Super Bowl 51, I wrote about how the former US President, George H.W. Bush, has been a key evangelist for the NWO during the last half of the 21st Century.

He and his wife, Barbara, in their adopted home town of Houston, Texas, were met by the American crowd filled with glowing praise and admiration, led the ritual pre-game coin toss for the Super Bowl – all regardless of the chaotic, blood lust and bloodshed upon entire nations in a lifelong career he held in government which, coincidently, assisted in his personal oil boom activity with Zapata Oil and Gas, along with his US federal government, energy and banking friends.

Yet, to fully comprehend this post and the NWO agenda, a brief Youtube video on a compilation of speech excerpts Bush gave while he was President should be watched (here).

It is in these various Bush speeches where the vision and the goals are succinctly articulated:

“A new world order can emerge, a new era, freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest of peace.

An era when the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony…and today that world is struggling to be born. A world quite different than the one we’ve known.

A world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle. A world where nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak.”

Another very interesting and less talked about pre-game guest was Pope Francis who provided a video broadcasted message for about 1 minute in Spanish.

Pope Francis begins his Super Bowl 51 role with these words:

“Great sporting events like today’s Super Bowl are highly symbolic, showing that it is possible to build a culture of encounter and a world of peace.

By participating in sport, we are able to go beyond our own self interest – and in a healthy way we learn sacrifice, to grow in fidelity and respect the rules.

May this year’s Super Bowl be a sign of peace, friendship and solidarity to the world.”

As a student of and a professional in religion, and one who has spent more than a decade focused on the specific activity of human organizing and movements where communication to the masses is very important activity, let me first suggest that there is a call to organize here by these 2 global leaders – even though their messages are decades apart, one of whom is one of world’s most recognizable religious leaders and especially in the Hispanic-Latin American world.

Granted, this Pope is from Argentina but, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is also Italian. Not only is he the first Italian Pope of the Catholic Church 21st Century, he is the first Italian Pope since the late 1970’s. He is also the first Jesuit Pope ever.

Why, of all global religions, is a chief evangelist of the NWO and a religious speaker at a Saturn themed Super Bowl a Jesuit Pope of the Catholic Church?

As I mentioned previously, ancient Romans saw themselves as direct descendants of the god, Saturn. Christianity came into this environment, and for the first 300 years, the Romans slaughtered Christians.

Yet, even though Christianity was elevated by emperor’s decree to the official religion, human carnage continued to rage on throughout the world at the hand of the Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire for millenia. Jesus and the New Testament actually viewed death as an enemy and there is no evidence that he killed anyone and he even equated hatred with murder. A stunning difference between the founder of Christianity and the Roman expression of it.

As for Pope Francis, he’s calling us to view the Super Bowl event as a symbol of humanity’s ability to cooperate and work together to build a world of peace – a world reminiscent of the peaceful times of the Golden Age under the reign of Saturn.

As I have written about previously, both the NWO and the occult pyramidic style of human organization relies upon the compliance-obedience-enslavement of the masses to support and empower the few at the top who really do not have sincere care or concern for the masses.
The Pope is calling for fidelity to this style of organization as seen in the following words:

“By participating in sport, we are able to go beyond our own self interest – and in a healthy way we learn sacrifice, to grow in fidelity and respect the rules.”

Words like these could not be more timely where rules and compliance are essential to an orderly and just society and in a world where lawlessness abounds among the masses and particularly among powerful global leaders and politicians or wealthy business men.

Humans, across the board, do not always respect rules or laws – that’s why law enforcement is such a huge industry. That is the premise of George H. W. Bush’s need for a new era of the New World Order – to take the world out of terror and the ways of the chaotic jungle. Society needs something deeper to return to a Golden Age era.

Even the Catholic Church is entrenched in scandal after scandal where non-religious courts are having to twist the arm of this 1 billion strong religion to be more transparent and just.

But transparency, empathy, justice are rarely valued or admirable among the humanly powerful and the weak are exploited even more – especially in the pyramidic style of human organizing.

When we begin to discover who Saturn was, who the Pope represents through symbols and imagery, then we can begin to connect the dots in order to see this NWO agenda and the connection to Saturn worship.

Many may not know, but as David Talbott correctly observes in the video cited above, Italy was formerly a region called, ‘Saturnia.’ The city of Rome itself was called, ‘Saturnia.’ There is still there today ancient ruins of Saturn’s temple, next to St. Peter’s Bascilica.

The picture above has the inside of the dome of St. Peter’s Bascilica (top left), ancient ruins of Saturn’s temple next to that with a shot of the Bascilica in the background. The full picture of the Bascilica is on the bottom left – notice a depiction of Saturn’s wheel. Some have identified this as a galactic cross within this wheel at St. Peter’s Square. The current placement of the obelisk was set by Pope Sixtus V.

The Pope also happens to occasionally wear a red Saturn hat.

The ancient city of Saturnia was also known to have polygon shaped walls.

Roman Catholic expressions of Christianity are mixed with Saturn worship symbols. But the occult forces hide this knowledge while they work to advance their own power.

As Talbott points out, Saturn symbolism can be found all around the ancient world. And, today, they are presented before us, vividly and openly, hidden in plain sight. We are simply not awake.

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit (the Society of Jesus) Pope. The Jesuits symbol depicts the Saturn god symbol not just with the ‘sun’ image background, but with the sickle and hammer (see the H, which is formed by two sickles put together, and the cross is the hammer, or, it could be seen in just the cross, but when all is combined it depicts the astrological symbol of Saturn, which looks like an ‘h’ and a ‘t’).

Saturn is also depicted through much of history as holding a sickle and hammer. In later Roman history he was worshiped as the god of agriculture.

The mass human sacrifice that went along with the human devouring, hammer and sickle holding god, Saturn, manifested nearly everywhere the hammer and sickle of Communism manifested on the earth.
This first Jesuit Pope not only represents Italy, or Saturnia, as seen in the Saturn wheel behind the star of Italy’s flag, he is from Argentina which has its Sol ‘sun’ image of Saturn in its flag.

Just above on the bottom left of the picture is the Frente Grande political party of Argentina. A few years ago the Communist Party of Argentina combined with that group as their popularity continued to diminish. Popes are known to sport a red Saturn hat. Saturn symbols pulled from antiquity are often seen on other Pope clothing. On the top is the flag’s sol or ‘sun’ of Argentina and on the right is Italy’s flag with the wheel of Saturn behind the star.

The picture immediately below is the logo of the former Communist Party of Argentina.

I have only scratched the surface here but I have placed enough in front of the reader to be able to make their own assessments and connections.

But more than anything, they already know who God is according to their knowledge and they are going to make sure you see things the way they do. They are going to make sure you believe what they believe.

Have a great Saturday!


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